Chicago’s “Godfather”

Well, Al Capone he ain’t. Rahm Emanuel was supposed to be the golden child returning to Chicago to be its savior. Instead, he returned from vacation to find everybody and their second cousin wanting him to resign. There currently isn’t any provision in the state of Illinois to recall a Chicago Mayor, but there IS a bill winding its way through the legislature in Springfield that would allow that. How did it all happen?

Rahm was going to save Chicago. When he left the Bobo administration as one of its top advisors, he wanted to be Mayor of Chicago. But not just Mayor of Chicago. He wanted to be “Godfather of Chicago”. He wanted to be bigger and better than either of the Daily’s. It was going to be his position for life. And then the situation with the schools happened. Remember that? That’s when the Chicago school system, already one of the worst in the country, decided to go on strike for better pay and better conditions. And it pitted Rahm against the head of the Chicago Teacher’s Union, Karen Davis. It was brutal…and it left Emanuel bruised to say the least. It also gave Davis a chance to run for Mayor. She failed. But it did enough damage that Emanuel was forced into a runoff with Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. Emanuel ended up winning that runoff with 56% of the vote.

But the hiccup wasn’t over for poor ol’ Rahm yet. Just as he was getting his second wind, and his second chance, all hell breaks loose. Ferguson was less than a year old, and now there were all sorts of attention being paid to policing techniques around the country. Chicago has some of the worst. In fact, it’s so bad that the Obama administration’s own Justice Department has begun a civil rights investigation into Chicago’s police department. So what’s Rahm do? He heads to Havana, Cuba on vacation this Christmas.

Well, the vacation was short-lived. Protests have brought him back. Well, that and a ton of killings. Mostly done by Chicago cops, who killed a teenager during a domestic violence call, then accidentally shot a neighbor, killing her. She was doing nothing at the time. Wrong place, wrong time the police said. Rahm said, “Oops!”

So now the “Godfather of Chicago” is facing his toughest challenge yet. Democrats who were loyal to Rahm in the past are all over him like a bum on a bologna sandwich to get him to resign. He swears he won’t…but now Al Sharpton has gotten his teeth into Emanuel, so you can expect the tax evader to do some damage. Will it work? Doubtful. Emanuel is really good at dodging bullets, but can he get rid of teeth marks? That’s going to be the question.

In the meantime, Chicago continues to burn, quite literally. It’s the one city in the nation that screams #blacklivesmatter, all the while pulling drive-by killings of blacks by blacks. Apparently they don’t matter as much as they’d like us to believe!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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