Obama Vs. The Clock

We are T-minus 385 days and counting until America is free again. Free from the stain and stench that has become the Obama administration’s obfuscation, lies, bigotry, and downright unconstitutional behavior as president. And as we draw into the final quarter with the president down at least three touchdowns, and not a lot that will show for his time in office (especially if the GOP wins the White House in November), Bobo realizes he needs something solid to cement a legacy. Bring on the “Barack Obama 2.0…The Global Farewell Tour”.

Yeah, about 6-10 international trips designed to cement his legacy. Not one thing tied to a presidential executive order, but real, substantive stuff that he should have been doing for the past seven years anyway. Instead, Bobo is like the high school kid that wakes up one morning realizing that if he doesn’t pass his math exam that day, he won’t graduate on time with the rest of his class, so he tries to learn a year’s worth of geometry in three hours.

Bobo will be visiting five of the seven continents in 2016. The only places he is scheduled to miss at this point are Australia and Antarctica. But he still may stop by and see the penguins at the South Pole, who knows? He will be making many stops in Africa, and of course, the Middle East, where his policies (and Hillary’s) have helped fuel the current problems, and the recent “Arab Spring”. And he’ll concentrate on Asia, where he hopes to gain some insight into why China is feeding us our lunch.

Alas, it all is for naught. In the true scheme of things, what Obama does now is only going to affect us in the short term. Congress isn’t willing to work with him, because he hasn’t upheld his end of the bargain for such a long time. And that means he only has Band-Aid solutions to whatever problems he perceives, such as gun control, or immigration, or anything that he currently feels is pressing that he get done before the clock runs out.

And of course, he has to realize that after January 20th of next year, he isn’t going to have that super-cool jet to fly around in anymore. No more free trips to Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii. He’s going to have to start flying first class like everyone else, or do what Bill Clinton does, get some major corporation to send a private jet (much smaller than Air Force One) to get him and take him where he wants to go.

No, for Obama, he knows the time in his Disneyland is about up. And he isn’t quite ready for that to happen yet. I’m sure if he could figure out a way to get around the ol’ 22nd Amendment, he’d be running again. We can only thank our lucky stars that regardless how feckless, how terrible of a leader you are, if you are lucky enough to get elected twice to the highest office in the land, that’s all the damage you can do. And in Obama’s case, most of it can be undone with the stroke of the pen!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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