But What Difference Does It Make?

Yeah, I know. 1,200 emails are now marked as “classified” by the US State Department that Hillary Clinton either sent or received. Another 6 were deemed to have been “Secret” when she sent or received them (even though she claims that she didn’t know). The FBI continues its investigation of the email scandal, and the State Department missed its document dump on December 31st citing the fact that a lot of their people that go through those emails were off for the holidays.

And my question is, at this point, what difference does it make?

But not in the Hillary Clintonesque sort of way. See, I look at this think entirely differently. It makes a difference only if you believe in the rule of law. It makes a difference only if you are so bi-partisan that you feel that someone knowingly breaking the law to skirt their own personal privacy issues is more important than electing a Democrat in this case (and there have been times the shoe has been on the other foot!)

It does make quite a difference IF you are sick and tired of Washington DC being a putrid place that stinks to high heaven of corruption, and cronyism. Of course, if you’re off in Podunk somewhere, and you don’t care what happens in our nation’s capital, and you just live your life like you’re living in a cave, it probably doesn’t make a difference to you. But then again, why would it matter to you who gets elected president? After all, you’re living in a cave and probably eating berries and twigs, like Eule Gibbons (if you don’t know who he is…Google him).

I think that to most of America, at least 53% of America, it matters that our leaders aren’t above the law. I think to most of America, we want to be able to look up to our leaders, not make excuses for their past and present indiscretions. And let’s face it…Hillary Clinton has an awful lot of past indiscretions. She isn’t exactly what I would call Mother Theresa when it comes to the truth department. She’s a pathological liar of the first degree. In fact, Hillary Clinton’s “facts” make Barack Obama look, well, like a JV team. And he’s a pretty good JV team.

I get asked a lot who I am backing for president later this year, and truth be told, I’m still not sure. There isn’t anybody on the Dems side that I can trust. Marty O’Malley is all but dead in the race; Bernie Sanders is so far left, he’s not even on the map; and Hillary is a convicted liar (if not a convicted criminal). That leaves out that party altogether (and yes…I DO actually take a look at both parties before I back a candidate). I’m still not 100% sold on Donald Trump. I still don’t know about Ben Carson’s ability to translate what magic he performs in the operating room, to magic in the halls of government. I actually think Ted Cruz may be a little too conservative for me, and I’m not sure Marco Rubio can win. The rest of the field is really out of the running and shouldn’t be there anymore (yes, Jeb!, that includes you!).

But I do know this. It DOES make a difference. Character DOES matter. Didn’t we go through this discussion 25 years ago when another Clinton was running for this seat?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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