Trump As An Independent?

I get asked the question a lot, “Will Donald Trump run as an independent candidate if he doesn’t get the nomination from the GOP?” My answer is pretty well thought out, though I guess it could change. I don’t see it happening. And it’s not because he doesn’t want the job. It’s because he knows better.

Let’s take a couple of things into consideration here. Yes, Trump is a blow-hard. Yes, Trump is all about the press. Yes, Trump takes the air out of any room he walks into. He’s had a lifetime of experience doing that. But no, Trump isn’t an idiot. And for someone that is self-funding a presidential campaign to the tune of 10% of his entire fortune on a campaign that has never, ever in the history of this country proven to be an effective way to get elected, just doesn’t makes sense to me.

Trump is not stupid. The guy has an MBA from Wharton for God’s sakes. He has to have some brains. He’s created a multi-billion dollar company, and while I’m not at all admiring the way he did it, I’m saying you can’t accomplish the things he’s accomplished if you’re a damned fool. Donald Trump is NOT a damned fool. Money means something to this guy. I’m not sure that’s the case with a lot of politicians, but it’s the case with Trump. And he’s going to be very cautious at throwing his personal fortune out the window just to soothe his massive ego. Because at the end of the day, Donald Trump enjoys the trappings of being rich a lot more than he does the satiation of running a losing campaign for president. And if Donald Trump runs for president as an independent candidate that is exactly what happens. He loses.

OK, having said that, let’s talk about something nobody else is actually talking about right now. Let’s look at the other side of the coin. Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democrats’ nominee. That one is a sure thing. But what about Bernie Sanders? He’s raising almost as much money as she is. He’s almost as popular as she is, especially in Democrat circles, he’s got a LOT less baggage than she does, he’s got a lot MORE experience than she does, and he’s actually made something out of his career, not riding on his spouse’s coattails. Oh, I haven’t even mentioned the fact that Bernie Sanders IS an Independent Senator from the great state of Vermont. So, he’s running as a Democrat, but he is an Independent Senator that caucuses with the Democrats. Hmmm….interesting!

What if Bernie decides to run an independent run for the White House? It’s not out of the realm of possibility. And if he does, he kills Hillary’s chances entirely. He’s getting the college kids. He’s getting a lot of the left-wing of the party that she needs in order to get elected. A Bernie Sanders run for the White House as an independent candidate totally throws her campaign right under the bus. The question is, would he do it? I think a lot of that answer comes clear in the next few months. How close does he actually run to Hillary? If he gets 30-40% of the delegates, yeah…I could see it. Unless she makes him her vice presidential candidate, which could happen, it would be interesting to see him run as a third-party candidate. I’m not ready to say it will happen…I’m just saying, “what if” at this point!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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