Get Used To It Hillary

Hillary Clinton got heckled at a campaign stop this past weekend. The heckler, who was actually a Democrat turned Republican after the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton “episode”, basically eschewed the Arkansas Princess for bringing Bill back on the campaign trail and yet, continuing to talk about women’s rights and attacking Donald Trump as misogynistic.

Well, Hillary is going to be in for a wild ride come campaign season. You can’t have it both ways. You can be the enabler of a wife that stood by her husband during a marriage that saw him cheat on her time and time again (for whatever the reason), all the while lambasting the “bimbo eruptions” that were seemingly endless. Or, you can be the strong women’s’ rights person that says that it was Bill’s fault for womanizing, and that women shouldn’t feel they need to succumb to that pressure by those dirty men… that they are just as equal and have just as many rights as any man. You can’t play it both ways. And if you are in such dire straits already in your campaign that you are going to pull out Slick Willie to hit the stump, you better be prepared to take the abuse from women that were sick of the way you treated other women the first time around. That’s what happened this past Sunday.

Hillary has to know that’s going to become an issue. What she’s basically done is taken women’s rights off the table. She honestly has to know that she is going to get called a hypocrite if she goes there after her actions back in the 90’s when Bill was president. I mean, she’s not a stupid person, and only a total moron would think that even Democrats would be so blind to open hypocrisy that they would give a pass without thinking about the consequences, right? Even with the dumbing down of America, most people are able to figure that out. Oh, I’d forgive the younger generation that wasn’t around or were too young 20 years ago when Bill was off staining dresses instead of running the country. But the rest of us, certainly have to remember that, right?

Now, I’m also not blind to the fact that leading the way across the aisle is a guy that also happened to cheat on his wife…and his second wife. I’m not sure about his third wife, but yes, he HAS had three… so I understand that, but he’s not out there pounding women’s rights down everyone’s throats. He’s out there calling her out for her poor decision making.

I haven’t written about this because frankly, I don’t care about this. I believe that women ARE equal to men in all walks of life, and in a lot of ways ARE superior. Just like in a lot of ways, men ARE superior to women. But apparently there are a lot of feminist types that DO care about this, and those are exactly the people that Hillary Clinton is going to need going forward if she wants to succeed in her run for the White House. Unfortunately, 49% of them, are pretty well fed up with her, and aren’t very happy with her positions and how they mesh with her personal life. It’s just another reason why I think that when the actual campaign starts with the two nominees this coming fall, there are going to be stark differences, and Hillary is going to come out on the short end of the stick.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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