Numbers Say It All

According to a Gallup poll, for the second year in a row, the number one problem in America isn’t immigration, it isn’t terrorism, it isn’t the economy, it isn’t jobs…it’s the Government. According to Rasmussen, when asked if America was heading down the right path or the wrong path, only 26% said we were going in the right direction. Individually, these polls may not say a lot (actually, they do), but together, it’s very telling of a failed presidency.

If you were to go back in time, say almost seven years, to early in Bobo Obama’s first term, that number from Rasmussen was up around 40%. It’s sunk pretty far, even with Obama touting over 200,000,000 new jobs created (almost one for every man, woman, and child in America!), even with the economy in free fall back then (thanks to George W. Bush), even after having spent three-quarters of billion dollars to bail out the auto industry, after having spent almost that much bailing out the banking system. And still today, after all that money, after all of those “shovel ready jobs” that were to be created (only one job was actually created), after all the hype and victory laps and spiking of the footballs, more Americans now say that we’re on the wrong path than said so back two months into Bobo’s first term. And back then, there were absolutely no responses saying that government was the problem. What the hell happened?

Well, what happened was we listened to the wrong salesman. I’m sure that somewhere in your life you’ve done that…listened to a guy who’s pitched sounded too good to be true. You thought that if only half of what they were saying were true, you’d be on easy street. And instead, nothing that they said was true, and you found yourself on skid row. Basically, that is what has happened. Has there been anything good that has happened in the past eight years? Well, that depends on whom you listen to. According to Obama, there’s plenty of good stuff. It’s just that Americans don’t seem to want to agree. The only tangible thing that I can actually see is yes, there ARE 3.5 million people who have healthcare today that didn’t have healthcare back in 2008. That is at a cost of $1.25 Trillion dollars. By the way, the cost doesn’t include what THEY are paying for healthcare. It’s what WE are paying for them to have it.

There are a lot of us that have just plumb said we aren’t going to work anymore, and have left the job force. In 2000, which, yes, would include George W. Bush’s tenure, there were a total of 78,975,590 people not in the work force. Today, that number is 94,639,538. Over 160,000,000 of us are now receiving some sort of governmental assistance. Yes, if you do the math, that is 49.8% of the population. So, if you and your spouse aren’t getting benefits from the government, both of the neighbors to your right are. That’s what it means.

The presidency has been an abject failure. It’s been a severe waste of time, resources, manpower, and has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the one theory that I’ve espoused for decades: “Liberalism doesn’t work…and never will because it ALWAYS runs out of money.” OK, lesson learned, right? Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until November to see if America is smart enough to figure that one out, or as happened back in Detroit in 2009, are there going to be lines of people looking for free “Obama money”? Only time will tell.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!