The NRA’s Best Friend?

As I watched the latest unfold on the continuing “gun control crisis” as Bobo, the world’s second most famous clown, puts it, I had to laugh. It hit me that with every attempt that he makes at tamping down gun ownership in this country, something strange happens…gun sales go up.

If I were the NRA about now, I think I’d probably be sending Bobo Obama a free, lifetime membership as a thank you for the increase in business. Every time there is a mass shooting and Obama cries in front of a microphone somewhere, or feigns anger, gun sales go through the roof. Gun dealers are reporting record profits. The FBI can’t keep up with the background checks. Hell, there were over a half million the week of Christmas alone! And it’s all because the president wants to put a stop to senseless violence. I guess he’s getting his wish, though it’s not exactly being done in the manner in which he thought.

I will say that I do think that one of his “executive orders” to make doctors inform the FBI when they are dealing with a mentally ill patient, while it may violate HPPA is probably a good idea. I don’t think that the mentally ill should be owning guns, and if that’s the only way that the people doing background checks can come up with IF a person is mentally ill or not, then, I’d probably go along with it. But the first time that someone ends up on that list that shouldn’t be, or the first time someone becomes better (and yes…checking with my psychiatrist friends, you CAN get better from a mental illness), the FBI had better be very expeditious in removing the people from their “mentally ill list”. What’s good for the goose…

Let’s just chalk this all up to the “unintended consequences” section of life. Obama is thinking he’s going to make it harder to buy guns. He’s actually spurring people into buying guns because they want to beat the latest attempt, however illegal it may be, to put roadblocks in their path. And actually, as we’ve said before here, gun ownership has proven to be a deterrent to crime, not a cause of it. If ever person were armed all the time, do you think these nuts going into schools would actually go in and start shooting knowing they’d get their head blown off the minute they pulled a gun out? Doubtful at best!

My overall feeling is, the founding fathers put the second amendment in the constitution for a reason. I don’t think it was to protect ourselves from muggers or mass murderers. I think it was more likely put in to protect ourselves from the government. THAT is what the government has to be afraid of. I think the liberals in our society realize that unless and until that amendment is somehow stricken from the constitution, they can never gain the full and total power over the people that they desire. And that is what is driving them nuts. Ever vigilant…ever wise!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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