Is There A Clinton Indictment Coming?

According to an article in the Washington Examiner, Hillary Clinton could be facing an indictment from the FBI within the next 60 days. That would send shockwaves through the Democrat party as donors, voters, and candidates scramble to take cover from what would most assuredly be an historical precedent.

Actually, the Examiner was quoting a Republican US Attorney, Joe DeGenova while he was being interviewed on Laura Ingram’s radio show the other day. He basically said what the world has been thinking for about 9 months now…Hillary could be indicted, the FBI has a mountain of evidence against her and her cohorts, and it will place a ton of pressure on the Obama administration to actually start to see the charges through. Loretta Lynch, the current Attorney General would actually be the one that would have to indict Clinton if it came to that, and she would most assuredly be working at the behest of her boss. But if the FBI came out with the evidence, and the Justice Department did NOT indict Clinton, there would be a massive blow-back from voters, especially if she ended up being the candidate. It would be an extremely difficult position for the Obama administration to be put in during its final year when the “fourth quarter” was where Obama wanted to do a lot of stuff. It may just make it impossible for him to get anything done.

I have this sneaky suspicion that IF the FBI comes out with any report that taints Clinton at all, that the Obama administration will most certainly have to come clean and indict her. I think Obama is too smart a politician to know that if it comes out that there is some dirt that is being swept under the rug, it’s going to reflect poorly on his legacy, which is what he’s all about at this point, and on her, that she’s above the law and is once again, trying to get away with something. He’s almost going to be forced to do something. It would put Lynch in a terrible spot as well. The rest of the Obama term, the Justice Department wouldn’t be able to do anything without the stink of political cronyism being thrown at them, warranted or not.

And the timing for all of this is not good for the Democrats. 60 days from today puts the findings to be released right after Super Tuesday. At that point, Hillary wants to have the nomination sewn up, but if she is found to have done anything illegal by the FBI, and don’t forget, they’ve found over 1,200 emails so far that were classified on her private server, and six emails that were elevated to the “SECRET” classification; then would the Arkansas Princess have to back out of the race, making Bernie Sanders the sole beneficiary of the delegates heading into the convention? It’s something to ponder, and it IS the Clinton campaign’s worst nightmare. They’ve said all along that they aren’t concerned with Sanders or O’Malley when it comes right down to the nomination. They’re concerned with an indictment and what it would mean to the campaign. Well, examine that statement for a moment. IF you’re going to be concerned that you MAY be indicted…chances are pretty good you know you’ve done something illegal. I have no doubts that in 2016 I WON’T be indicted for anything I’ve done in 2015. That’s because I KNOW I haven’t done anything to be indicted for. So why would the Clinton campaign be worried?

Now, add to that one other little thing. If it’s a March indictment, there’s no way this goes to trial prior to the election. And there’s no way it’s settled before Obama leaves office. That erases any chance of Obama pardoning Clinton for any crimes. The only saving grace is if Hillary decides to plead guilty around the election, and then accepts whatever punishment, and Obama can do a last day pardon of her on January 19th. Of course, as with Gerald Ford, THAT becomes Obama’s legacy.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Is There A Clinton Indictment Coming?

  1. I believe there is something there, enough to get an indictment; question is how much is kept under wraps, kept from the public and Obama orders Lynch not to go on it. The FBI is good at what they do, don’t mess around, they’ve been at it for awhile now……..there is something there, a hot trail or they’d have been gone. I trust the FBI, not the DOJ, or Obama. I want to see her cuffed and led away in a patrol car, finger printed, BODY-SEARCHED (that would be like a horror picture, it’s ugly but gotta watch), given her bunk mattress and pillow, with a nice bright pants suit. Then I want to hear those jail bar doors clink. Oh and of course her photo taken in front of the measuring stick while she holds that ID under her chin. I think the American public deserves to see it all. One correction in your post, the World hasn’t been thinking it, we’ve been praying for it. See, you got me all excited.

  2. I read a similar post today and there truly is the feeling the FBI will ask that the justice department bring charges against Hillary. To be honest it amazes me that people still support her she has gone rouge at every chance she gets. She outright lies at every turn. I am now simply amazed the Democrats are so willing to tip their hand and how morally bankrupt the democrats are that they would continue to push a candidate they know without a doubt has lied time and time again regarding Benghazi they push her forward because they have nothing else and they hunger for power nation be damned.

    • I feel the same way you do, Basharr. I cannot imagine supporting a Republican candidate who has consistently lied, and tried to get away with things like she has. I guess the only thing I can point to is the lack of depth in their bench. She’s really the only candidate they’ve got. I mean, who in hell would elect Bernie Sanders?

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