Helping The Uninsured?

I’ll warn you right now in case you haven’t figured this out on your own. You have to be VERY careful about the words liberals use when they are making their arguments. It’s one of the biggest mistakes that most of us can make. I really don’t think it’s because liberals WANT to be liars or false, it’s more because they want to get their point across. They want to show how much they care.

I’ll give you a classic case in point. Take Bobo Obama’s need to prove to the world that Obamacare is working. Now, most intelligent people know this healthcare system that was devised in 2008 and 2009 is a total abortion. It’s failed miserably. Its goal was to make sure that every American was covered with healthcare insurance. That would free up the emergency rooms at hospitals, it would make it possible to lower premiums, and would grant healthcare to the poor…none of which is a bad thing. But it really didn’t do any of that for the various reasons we’re all aware of. It’s just bad law.

So, why does Obama tout this as being such a success? Well, because in 2013, 17.1% of all Americans did not have healthcare. That’s according to a poll that Gallup did back then. That was about 51,000,000 Americans by the way. In 2015, that number did shrink. It was after three years of Obamacare, and the number went from 51,000,000 uninsured to 38,000,000. A whopping 13,000,000 people got insured over the past two years after Obamacare went into effect. Now, the question is, would you consider that a success? Basically, 26% of the people out there got insurance that didn’t have it before. I would NOT consider that to be a success when the goal was to make sure EVERY American had access to healthcare. I would consider that a monumental failure.

Liberals would disagree with me. They would say that it’s been a rousing success because they’ve enrolled 13 million people that hadn’t had healthcare before! Forget the cost, that’s not important to them. Forget the fact that you missed 74% of the uninsured population for whatever reason (and there are many). The underlying fact that you got a few million more people access to healthcare (and actually you didn’t, you only got them insurance), was enough. It wasn’t the end result that mattered to Obama, it was the fact that he got a law passed that INTENDED to do right. It is that intention that drives liberals, not the end results. And that’s the biggest difference between someone like me and someone like him. I am results driven, he is intention driven.

So, when you look at any issue from here on out, be it gun control, immigration, tax reform, campaign finance reform, banking laws, etc. you can see where the difference lies. The conservatives out there care about the end result…does something actually work? The liberals only care that they’ve tried to do the right thing and that the intention was in the right place. It doesn’t matter whether they’ve succeeded or not (which is why you have the “new math”. It’s not important whether you got that 2+2=4, only that you understood the steps involved).

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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