If Only…

You know, I think Joe Biden, while pretty much a lame-brain, is an honest man. I’m sure he tries to do the right thing every day. I just don’t think he’s the smartest tool in the box. Oh, he’s the consummate politician, to be sure. And don’t doubt for one minute that he’s an expert at his craft. But as far as being smart, or a policy-wonk, or someone that you’d go to Harvard Square to listen to? No…not this guy.

But it begs the question; it took him months to decide not to run for president. He waffled and one moment looked like he would be running, then it looked like he wouldn’t be running. He had a campaign staff all put together and they were getting the “ground game” going in Iowa, and then, they’d pull back. He’d meet with donors and bundlers one day, and they’d come out of the meeting swearing on the lives of their children Biden was going to run, and two days later, he’d send signals he wasn’t going to.

And you have to wonder, if only Biden had chosen to run, what would the race look like today? Does he regret not running? Does he even think about it? I mean, Biden’s not a spring chicken. This was his last time to get to the big dance. He’s like Hillary and Bernie in that regard. 2020 will be too late for all of them because quite frankly they’re going to be too old to run. Nobody would give them any attention. But does Biden wish he’d gotten in the race? The answer is “yes”.

He said in a recent interview that he regrets his decision not to run almost every single day. I think with the way things have turned out, I’d be inclined to agree with him. After all, his party is in a huge mess. The front-runner is facing a possible indictment over violation of federal law. And the second place candidate is an avowed socialist that, while drawing big crowds, the consensus is, will never be electable. If Biden ever had the opportunity to run and be more than an after-thought (which is what he’d been in the past), it would have been 2016. But the pre-mature death of his son, Beau, seemed to put an end to that, even though that was Beau’s dying wish…that his father would take another stab at the White House.

Of course, Biden also said in that interview, while he regrets not running every day, he also realizes that he made the right decision. That is probably in part because of something you don’t hear a lot of folks in the media talking about. It is nearly impossible for a third-term presidency of the same party. It has happened rarely on both sides of the aisle since FDR was elected four-times, and Truman took over the fourth term, and got elected to one of his own (remember the Dewey/Truman fight of 1948?). The only other time since then that we’ve had a three-term party hold on the White House was in 1980 through 1992 when Ronald Reagan won two terms followed by George HW Bush. The odds of anyone in the Democrat party winning a third term are slim to begin with. Add in a possible recession by summer, and it gets even slimmer.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “If Only…

  1. Biden isn’t the brightest……… He is nearly a male Nancy Pelosi. I watched the Judge Thomas confirmation hearings way back when. You know, when they were talking about Thomas and an affair, the pubic hair on the Coke can….. all that crap. Ted Kennedy ironically was the chairman I believe of that committee. The questions and answers were getting pretty interesting, great TV entertainment. Back then not many of those hearings were televised, this one was because it had potential sex scandal with the good black judge. My point: Biden was on the panel/committee. Things were getting pretty toasty about the Coke can. Teddy boy needed a potty break, and excused himself, but the hearing continued. It was either time to pee or he was getting excited. Guess who was now directing the hearing? Joe. After about 15 minutes of some of the most intense moments of the entire hearing Teddy returned. Joe, got up to return to his chair and said “Teddy…..I’m sure glad your back.” Biden had been at a loss for words and good follow-up questions. He had to rely on other members to keep the hearing flowing. He was just a fixture. But I’ll never forget seeing that, and often wonder, how the hell he has lasted and became VP.

    • He lasted as VP because he was a safe choice. He wasn’t smart enough to see Obama’s plan to push America WAY to the left, nor do I think he cared. No, I agree, Biden is no Rhodes Scholar. I don’t think he’s even a Delaware Blue Hen Scholar! He’s a guy with a great smile that is very photogenic. That goes a long way in politics at that level!

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