Let’s At Least Be Consistent!

The one thing I strive for in life is consistency. I don’t care if you’re liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican; you’re an absolute hypocrite in my eyes if you’re not consistent. So, it is with that in mind that I give you today’s thoughts.

The Obama administration is hypocritical, as is all of the liberal left. They are so inconsistent on law that there really isn’t even a debate. Let me explain. The liberals are all excited about gun laws. They think we need more laws, and that people that break these laws should be held accountable because people that are the victims of these mass shootings and even the drive-bys in Chicago and the one-on-one shootings take people from our lives. These gun laws need to be tougher.

Yet, on the same hand, these very same people are the ones that are willing to overlook the fact that there are about 11 million ILLEGALS in this country right now. THEY broke the law too. It’s obvious, if you’re going to use the argument that our gun laws aren’t tough enough, that our immigration laws certainly have gaping holes the size of Wyoming in them. Yet liberals are so wont to overlook the “Illegal” part in “Illegal Alien”, that they’ve coined the term “undocumented alien” to help them feel better. The fact of the matter is these people ARE here illegally. They snuck into our country, they’re living in the shadows, and granted, while they aren’t doing work that I would necessarily do, they ARE taking work from Americans. Why isn’t the left complaining about that?

With the workforce in America shrinking, and people complaining about not being able to find a job, it’s exactly the time when workers lower their expectations and take jobs they normally wouldn’t take. Of course, it’s not just the illegals that are to blame. We have to be consistent here and that means we have to also blame the companies that are knowingly (or unwilling to check them out) hiring illegals because they can pay them lower than minimum wages and pay them under the table. That guarantees that the illegals will stay illegal. They’ll stay in the shadows and won’t have a shot at the Great American Dream. Not at least in their lifetime.

If the left truly wants to use the analogy that we need stricter gun laws to stem the tide of gun violence, then be consistent and also go along with the statement that we need stronger immigration laws to stem the tide of illegal aliens entering this country. But that would never happen. Just like it would never happen if the NRA backed Democrats. They’re all about the vote. If you can show them how by changing their tune, they will gain votes (or the Republicans will lose votes), they’ll do handstands in the aisles. If you can’t, they want nothing to do with you. And that, as Lily Tomlin used to say…is the truth…Pfffft!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “Let’s At Least Be Consistent!

  1. Well Desert, I’m back albeit for a short time. Have not posted recently because of some computer problems (something you can identify with) and a late Christmas present from the medical community I’m not happy with, I was really hoping for that Ferrari Testarossa.

    I find the comparison between guns and immigration absurd. How can you equate the carnage from guns to illegal immigrants? I believe that is called a non sequitur.

    Your position on guns appears to be that since there is no way we can control gun fatalities and wounds, we should do nothing thereby letting the carnage continue. Since your theme in consistency, the NRA about 25 years ago were in favor of background checks at gun shows to prevent any sort of Travis Bickel character purchasing a firearm. The internet has added to the problem as well as sales amongst private individuals. Another case of they were for before they were against it. The tired old argument of liberals are trying to take your guns away is preposterous bullshit and you know it. If you or any of your readers with the appropriate cognitive skills have read the Heller and MacDonald decisions, you would know that the Court left open the window for gun control legislation. But since most of Congress is either too scared or to busy sucking Wayne LaPierre’s dick to do anything, this leaves the president with the authority to do something.

    As for immigrants, do they really inflict the carnage on our population like guns, in spite of what talk show clowns like Rush, Hannity and Coulter. It is just a stupid comparison. By the way, entering the United States illegally or overstaying a visa is not a felony, but rather a misdemeanor, so you want to deport people over a misdemeanor? Goodness who is going to pick your vegetables and fruit? But enough of this.

    Since liberals are inconsistent, how about conservatives and their precious pro-life stance, which is the ultimate in hypocrisy. As far as I can tell conservatives and especially those religious sharia nuts, are concerned about life from the moment of conception until the child is born and then you can go fuck yourself, a position I have voiced previously. Couple that with the basically mean spirited positions of Republicans towards the poor, single mothers who need food stamps, WIC, etc. how can you say you are consistent? I also believe that these elected fuckwads are good Christians. Let’s couple that with the Republicans mantra of getting government out of our lives yet these clowns seem to have an unnatural fixation with women’s vaginas and uterus’. Why is that? What is the State’s compelling interest that violates their right to privacy? Don’t give that murder argument because it’s nonsense as killing a zygote is not murder and it is a bunch of cells. The three month fetus does not feel pain as that poking video shown ad nauseum on shows that the fetus reacts to being poked, just like the amoebas in biology class. Are amoebas the next protected class you want?

    So there you go. Have a positive day.

    • Well Snarky, I thought you’d be sipping champagne on the Champs Elysees by now! Sorry you didn’t get the Ferrari I left in your garage…I guess Al Gore thought it created too much carbon footprint and confiscated it. Sadly, I’m afraid you once again have missed the whole point here. No, there is no connection between the second amendment and immigration, other than to state that on one hand (“gun control”) liberals can’t wait to enforce the law and even make it inexcusably tougher, while on the other hand (immigration), they are willing to look the other way and not enforce whatever meager laws are on the books. See the difference? On one hand, you’ve got a situation that liberals like yourself detest, and think that if only they can make a NEW law, the problem would go away, while on the other hand, they don’t even want to enforce the law that’s already there! By the way, that’s not a non sequitur…but I’ll save that for another time. Hope you’re feeling better!

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