Oops! Another Eco-Terrorist Mistake

The eco-terrorists are at it again! Apparently, they saw an opening as we were coming to the close of 2015 and couldn’t wait to pounce. The climate change/global warming terrorists made the announcement that because of “global warming”, the earth set a record for the warmest year every recorded in 2015.

Now, scientists at the University of Alabama that have actually studied that satellite data, and done so without eco-terrorist interference, have come up with the truth. 2015 was NOT the hottest year on record on planet Gaia. Not even close.

The record, for your edification was back in 1998. This past year was 0.44 degrees Celsius warmer than it was over the 1998 to 2010 average and there was a very specific reason for it. The reason is called “El Nino”. The water-warming (not man made) weather phenomena hung around a little longer than had been predicted, or it usually did, causing a slight uptick in the temperature world-wide, according to the scientists.

Of course, the eco-terrorists immediately fought back that 2016 WILL be the warmest year on record. Of course, they can’t predict what the weather in Topeka, Kansas will be this weekend with any certainty, but by God, they can nail the fact that man-made climate change is to blame for a record that is most assuredly will be broken by the end of the year! Another liberal attempt to scare us into believing that they know better than we do about any particular topic. It gets to the point where it is almost funny to watch them lather themselves into a tizzy when things don’t go as they’ve predicted. And of course, there have been thousands of predictions that these idiots have missed by now. Remember that New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and New Orleans were all supposed to be under water by now. Remember that we were going to have polar bears floating by Jamaica by 2000? Remember that there weren’t going to be any more polar ice caps because you drove your daughter to dance class, or your son to his Saturday morning soccer game, and you used an SUV instead of dog sled! Of course, all the while, THEY are using SUV’s to travel around town (three and four of them with their flashers going), and THEY are flying around in private jets. They get around it saying they’re buying “carbon credits”.

By the way, just so you understand, “carbon credits” are a totally fictitious thing. There is no such thing as a “carbon credit”. So, when you hear the left tell you they are buying “carbon credits” to offset their jetting around the world, know that once again, you’re being fed a great big shovel full of cow manure. I tried to buy “carbon credits” at the grocery store the other day. They said they didn’t carry them. I tried going to Walmart (figuring they have EVERYTHING, right?), and was told the same thing. You can’t even buy them on Amazon.com. Oh, they’ve got a ton of books on “carbon credits”, but you can’t buy them anywhere…and if you really want to…send ME the check. I’ll sell them to you, how’s that? They’re $250 per credit and they give you the right to create one carbon. I’m just sayin’…a guy’s gotta make money some way, right?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!