“Hate-Filled” Messages

I guess I don’t have a complete picture on this, but I have to bring it to everyone’s attention none the less. One of my pet-peeves in life (actually its number 21) is that liberals love to use the phrase “hate-filled” when attacking anything anyone that is more conservative than they are is saying.

It happened to me the other day by someone that I never heard of before (and probably never will again). I had to laugh because it’s such an over-blown and over-used phrase anymore that it’s pretty much lost all meaning. But let’s be clear about one thing…and it’s really the one thing that sticks in my craw about liberals…just because you disagree with me on something doesn’t mean that what I said was filled with hate. That may make you feel better to say that, because it gives you some self-justification for your disagreement with the statement without you actually having to use any intelligence to question whether your thinking process is wrong in the first place. But it doesn’t necessarily mean because I’ve said a candidate of yours is a criminal (if they are), or is a liar (if they are) is “mean spirited” or “hate filled”.

One of my friends is a total liberal. Now, I’ve known that from the second I met him because he told me. I told him we wouldn’t agree on anything politically. But he’s not a “typical liberal”. There IS a difference. A typical liberal will bash anything a conservative says without giving any thought to its accuracy or reliability. They will call things “mean spirited” and “hate-filled” because they’re too stupid to actually examine what is being said and come up with a cogent argument against it. So they resort to something being “hate-filled”. It’s the same thing as someone calling you a racist. It doesn’t make you a racist. Just like someone that disagrees with you politically calling what you’re saying “hate-filled” makes it hate-filled. Only you know that. They’re trying to deal with the fact that you’ve stung their belief system. That is the “typical” liberal. You can tell them. Everything is George W. Bush’s fault…they’re still hung up on him “stealing” the 2000 election (get OVER it people!), and he ruined the country.

My friend on the other hand is not typical. He’s someone I can have a conversation with, and he won’t launch into the “typical lib” tirades. We can actually discuss politics, not denigrate into name calling. That’s because, and I know this is going to sound like an oxymoron, he’s an intelligent liberal. I respect him because he allows someone to have a different view than what he has. Oh, he’ll fight for his beliefs, and he can use facts to back them up. We usually end up in a draw in our discussions, but we always end up friends. That’s the difference. Typical liberals can’t like a conservative because conservatives threaten their belief system.

It’s sad that the world has evolved this way. I truly hope that liberals realize that not everything is “mean spirited” or “hate-filled”, but actually just a disagreement of values, political beliefs, and ideologies. Until that time, I’m afraid Washington, DC is going to be a very divided place!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on ““Hate-Filled” Messages

  1. You’ll never convince them of that. They’re mis-educated and poor at language. To them tolerance mean approval and disapproval mean intolerance and hate.

    As for your liberal friend – that’s your own personal failure in my opinion. To me it is wrong to be friends, or even to associate with, liberals. Doing so is essentially collaborating with America’s domestic enemies. It is my belief that they should be shunned in all ways personal and/or commercial.

    • First off, thanks for the comments! Secondly, I don’t make or not make friends based on political leanings. I make them based on personal observations and likes and dislikes. There are people I’m friends with (as I am sure there are with you) that I have no idea where they are on the political scale…nor do I care. They are not my enemies. They may be mis-guided…they may have the wrong ideas on how things should be run in this country, but they aren’t my enemies. You can learn a lot from talking to people that you disagree with…in fact, it’s the only way I know of to get a complete rounded education on what’s out there! Hope you come back often!!! Thanks again!

      • I too make friends based on personal observations and likes and dislikes, but sociopolitical views are key to that with me, being some of my fundamental likes and dislikes. And too, I’m friends with people that I have no idea where they are on the political scale, but those friendships end if and when they show liberal leanings.

  2. Jonolan, I find your answer just a bit tribal. Are conservatives the only people with a monopoly on knowledge and what is good for everybody? And as for collaborating with domestic enemies, who are these domestic enemies I collaborate with as I would really like to know? You “drop a dime” without providing any proof and that is suppose to past as what? I do not find my friendship with conservatives as their personal as some are boyhood friends and we should no longer continue a lifetime friendship because of your views?

    I do not find myself “mis-educated” and poor at language as I have spent a lifetime reading books, newspapers (my mother taught me to read using our daily newspaper), magazines, etc. covering all points of views and I also believe I have a very good vocabulary to express myself in coherent manner. I also find myself extremely tolerant as my life experiences as well my parents ( my father’s life was saved during WWII by a black medic), but do not suffer fools lightly.

    Look on the bright side, although I am a snarky individual, at least I did not make fun of your on line name which you took from a series of books about cavemen and that is ripe for a lot snark.

    Desert, I would like to meet your liberal friend as I live in a sea of the most ill informed racist honkies this side of the Orval Faubus/Ross Barnett/George Wallace/Bull Connor 1961 axis.

    • ROFLMAO – Proof of mis-education and being poor at language provided by the Liberal – thanks for that!

      The character is question was Jondalar, not Jonolan, from Auel’s Earth’s Children series – some of the best smut ever written btw. My “line name” or handle is merely a concatenation of my name into one word.

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