The Democrats’ Biggest Problem

There is a Washington-based firm called Mercury Analytics that came out with an interesting poll this past week that bears some repeating and examining. Basically it says that 74% of Republican voters now think that Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee for president. That is a remarkable turnaround from earlier in this campaign season when Trump, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina were all touted as “wannabes” for their desires to be the GOP nominee.

What is really interesting is that mainstream Republicans aren’t the only ones that are starting to flock to the Trump bandwagon. According to Mercury Analytics’ latest survey, there are 20% of Democrats out there that are willing to cross over and vote for Trump and the GOP if indeed he becomes the nominee. That would insure a Republican victory in November if true.

Now, the question is, how should conservatives take this news? Ted Cruz, a dyed-in-the-wool conservative is surging in Iowa, which is a very conservative state to begin with. Cruz isn’t doing nearly as well in the more liberal confines of New Hampshire. And while it seems today like the race has gone from a 17 man (and woman) struggle down to just two that really matter, is it likely that what Donald Trump has said all along could actually come to fruition…and he could not only become the Republican nominee but also defeat Hillary Clinton (or Bernie Sanders if she is indeed indicted on her email scandals)?

I guess the big question conservatives and not-so-conservative Republicans need to ask is, is it better for Donald Trump, a moderate Republican, to be elected president or is it better to have someone like Hillary Clinton or even Bernie Sanders in the White House? The answer is you have to go with Trump. He may not be the ideal conservative, but we have to have someone to reverse all of the damage Obama has done over the last eight years.

What type of president will Trump be if elected? I have absolutely no idea. I can tell you that there has never in our country’s history, the type of diplomacy that you’d see under a Trump administration. You don’t normally see US presidents calling people like Kim Jung Un “an idiot” and “unstable”. It just doesn’t happen. But under Trump that type of thing could be common place. And I’m harkened to recall what happened back about 36 years ago when an actor name Ronald Reagan was running as the GOP nominee. Remember when people said, “An actor can’t be president! What’s he know about government?” Well, he HAD been Governor of California, but the message wasn’t lost. The whole deal was there was an uproar about Reagan having been an actor, and Reagan being a “war-monger”. Turns out that we didn’t really get into a war…unless you want to count Grenada.

There ARE worst choices than Donald Trump out there. He WILL work to end ISIS, where our current Commander-In-Chief is too afraid to do it. He WILL work to end Obamacare, where our current president thinks everything is just fine with that program. He WILL work to strengthen our immigration reform, where our current president would rather open the borders to whoever wants to waltz in. He WILL be a better president than what we’ve got, and he WOULD be a much better president than who the Democrats are putting up. That being said, sure…welcome aboard, Donald!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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