Like It Or Not, Trump Good For GOP

There is a lot of angst among the standard bearers of the Republican Party over Donald Trump. They don’t like the fact he’s a not a politician. They don’t like the fact that he’s as brash as he is, and apparently has little room for decorum. They don’t like the fact he’s conservative on some things, and liberal on others. They don’t like the fact he’s making a mockery of the Republican primary. And the public doesn’t give a rat’s ass what they think.

Donald Trump is good for the Republican Party. He’s on top of things like no other candidate is. Now, I’m saying that having not really decided if he’d be a good president or not, but he IS doing some good for the party. What he IS doing is taking all of the air out of the Democrats’ campaigns without batting an eye. Look at the amount of press coverage the guy has gotten so far. He only this past week started spending $2 million a day on his advertising. He hasn’t needed to spend anything to date. That’s 8 months of running as a candidate…a NEWCOMER candidate, and you don’t have to spend a dime and the whole country’s talking about you? Yeah…coming from a marketing background, I’d say that’s genius. You gotta give credit where credit is due!

Let’s look at what Trump is actually saying. He comes at you very hard, and then ultimately backs off to the position that he wants to achieve. That’s again, sheer genius. You don’t see politicians work like that. They come at you with what they want, and compromise to something that nobody wants. Trump won’t stand for that. He’s outrageous at first, so everybody thinks he’s crazy or a nut job, but then when he gives you his real thought, you say, “Well, that’s more like it!” and you’re more accepting of it.

Hillary Clinton thinks she’d rather run against Donald Trump than anybody else in the GOP field because she’s sure she could beat him. I’m not so sure. Today she does better against him, but up the road, I’m not so sure. Look at this. 26% of Americans call themselves Republican. 29% call themselves Democrat. 42% are independent. That’s where your next president is coming from. And when you have up to 20% of those Democrats switching over to vote for Trump, and the independents going for Trump 2 to 1 over Clinton, is there even a race? This thing could be over by Labor Day!

Donald Trump is far from what any of us envision as the “ideal” Republican candidate, but then again, the last two “ideal” Republican candidates have had their rear ends handed to them. Trump may just be the kick in the ass the Republicans need to save the party. And that’s coming from someone who’s not a Trump supporter (yet).

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “Like It Or Not, Trump Good For GOP

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  2. He is a negotiator, he is negotiating every stance he takes and people don’t realize it. Its a great asset to have, and I don’t see anyone else coming close to having that talent.

  3. I agree and will add Trump is good for the GOP because he breaks up the flow of business as usual. He does and says what he wants and a lot of what he says is what many Americans want to hear. He has tapped into everything that Obama has failed at He has struck a nerve in this country as more and more Americans are finding that Trump though abrasive gets what is going on and just may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

    • Do you ever get tired of being right? And I’ll go one step further. Bernie Sanders is doing the same thing on the opposite side of the political spectrum…saying what those liberals who think Hillary has sold our to Wall Street is afraid to say. It’s an interesting dichotomy, no?

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