Yeah…Dems ARE In Trouble!

I guess I’ve never really understood liberals. And according to the latest Gallup poll, apparently I’m not the only one. I’ve always thought of liberals in two distinct groups that happen to feed off of each other. And neither would survive without the other.

The first group is the political group. These are the politicians in DC, the politicians in your state capital, the politicians in your city and county government. They are the ones that make “public policy” their life work. Their goal really isn’t to make things better for the rest of us, though I’m sure somewhere along the way that’s the way they felt. They got power a long while ago and got drunk on it. Now, it’s a never-ending desire for more and more power, hence the belief that government (i.e.: them) needs to expand and grow, and that government (i.e.: them) is always the best solution to any problem. These folks are dangerous because of their power lust.

Then you’ve got what I call the “Save The World” folks. These are the people that are out there protesting the 1%’ers, protesting to save the whales, and the sharks and the dolphins. They are out there complaining that moving oil through a pipeline is a lot more dangerous for the ecology than trucking it across country or using rail services (it’s not). They really aren’t out for power…they ARE out for changing the world. They really DO care about your carbon footprint, and believing that polar bears are floating past Jamaica on ice floes just because Al Gore says so. They get into Sean Penn’s interview with “El Chapo” because the guy is just misunderstood. In essence, where the liberal politicos are cunning, and smart, these folks really aren’t. They wear their heart on their sleeves.

And both groups seem to be in trouble. According to a poll by the Gallup organization, 37% of Americans view themselves as “conservative”. 35% say they are “moderate”, leaving only 24% as “liberal”. That leaves 4% who are amorphous and float between all of them, I guess. And that is going to be a problem for whomever the Democrats end up nominating for president.

Bernie Sanders has succeeded in one thing; he has been able to push his party to the left, and Hillary Clinton, so afraid that she’s going to get zipped in the primaries again, chased him. That made this about who can be more liberal, not about who has the best ideas for the country. Anytime Hillary sees an opening where she can be left of Bernie (like with gun control), she’s all over it. And while that may help with the 27% of Americans who identify themselves as Democrats, it isn’t going to be enough to get over the hump of Americans who don’t. And it won’t fly with the 42% that view themselves as independent. And there is Hillary’s rub. She will go down in history as the first female nominee of either of the major party, and also as a huge failure as far as winning the presidency. She’ll be no different than Mitt Romney, John McCain, John Kerry, and Al Gore. She’ll be known as a loser for time immemorial.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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