If Indicted, What Then?

Let’s ask ourselves one question, and just for grins and giggles, let’s try to be non-partisan about it, shall we? Why in the world would the FBI put 150 agents on one case? What would 150 agents do during that time trying to find evidence? And what do you think the outcome of such an investigation would be?

Those are legitimate questions because right now, there ARE 150 FBI agents currently working on the case involving Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin. Somehow, my Spidey-sense tells me that with this many people and this amount of resources being tied up on a case, the FBI is going to find something to justify burning through this much taxpayer dough. Call it a hunch, but if I were Hillary Clinton right about now, and even though she SAYS that the FBI hasn’t contacted her to tell her that there’s anything serious going on (which they NEVER do anyway), I think I’d be assembling the best legal minds the world has to offer to fend off the upcoming indictment.

Look, you don’t waste that type of resources in government and still keep a job. You have to show something at the end of that rabbit hole. And that is the real reason that I think Hillary Clinton is screwed as a presidential candidate. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if the FBI finds evidence and turns it over to the Justice Department, there is going to be a tremendous amount of pressure on this administration to do something about it. And the sooner they do something about it, the better off, politically-speaking; it’s going to be for the Democrats. Let me explain.

Let’s say the FBI finds a lot of evidence and recommends Hillary be indicted and prosecuted. The Obama administration has two choices; indict or don’t indict. If they indict, they are basically taking down the Democrat front-runner. It will most likely be in the middle of the primary, and will cause an incredible uproar in that party the likes of which haven’t been seen for at least a hundred years. But on the bright side, there is still time to allow Bernie Sanders to get the nomination. Hillary can then release how many of the delegates she has won, and spend the rest of her days fighting the indictment and serving her time in jail.

The second thing that can happen is no indictment is given. At that point, the pressure among the American people on Obama, Loretta Lynch, AND Hillary Clinton grows exponentially. With only 29% of Americans identifying themselves as Democrats and 42% identifying themselves as independents, it pretty much seals Hillary’s chances of ever winning the presidency. And, it pretty much seals Obama’s legacy. Remember what Gerald Ford did? When you ask people that actually remember Gerald Ford was president, they recall one thing he did in office…he pardoned Richard Nixon. It cost him the chance to actually be elected president when he ran against Jimmy Carter. The same thing will happen to Obama. That is something he won’t want to do regardless.

The safe bet for the Obama administration is to go ahead and prosecute Hillary, hope Sanders can win the election (he actually does better against the GOP field than she does), and pin your hopes of sustaining all of those executive orders on him, rather than her. Of course, Bobo always has the “pre-emptive pardon” route to travel…but that’s a dangerous wormhole to jump through…and you don’t know what’s on the other side!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


11 thoughts on “If Indicted, What Then?

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  2. The rumor mill, and it came from a former AG, is, the FBI has a ton of evidence. 150 agents? They’d find that needle in the hay stack. They have yet to interview Hillary, maybe they don’t need to. They figure she’d lie anyway. Most solid cases are prosecuted without interviewing the suspect(s). Its all about evidence, it speaks volumes……..and while sometimes it may not be clear, it doesn’t lie. I bet she’d scream and kick like a baby! Can’t you just hear that tongue? What she called the Secret Service Agents (Shit-kickers); is nothing like she’ll call the FBI Agents. LOL.

  3. Loretta Lynch will never prosecute. BHO will only make a show as empty as everything else associated to him. If, John Ashcroft were USAG, it might be a different story, but not pitiful Lynch.

    • I’m not so sure Rifleman. I’d agree Lynch is a party hack and nothing more, but look at this from a political perspective. If she doesn’t indict Hillary, what does that say to the 83% of Americans that don’t consider themselves Democrats? I don’t think that would bode well for the Dems in the upcoming election. It would appear to be very partisan and very crony. I don’t think the Democrats can afford that…and don’t forget Obama IS a master politician. He DOES understand stuff like this!

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