If We’re Doing So Well…

It seems to me that you can tell a lot by one of Gallup’s polls that they love to take. It’s the one that asks whether or not America is headed in the right direction or the wrong direction. It’s a simple poll, it’s easy to answer, and it is really revealing. It’s been in the negative for about 9 years now (yes…that includes the last year of George W. Bush’s presidency).

What I find so telling about it was, Gallup came out with the latest release the morning after we were told in the State of the Union speech by Bobo, the world’s second most famous clown (next to Bozo), that everything he has done as president was grand. It was wonderful, and we as Americans should be thrilled and happy that we’ve had him as our Dear Leader over the past seven years…and we should continue to push to make him our Dear Leader for life! Then the damn poll comes out and ruins it all. Only 23% of us think that we are going in the right direction as a country. That would mean that 77% think we are either going in the wrong direction, or they were too busy to decide whether or not the country is going to hell in a hand basket. By the way, the number LAST January was 32%. So, we’ve decreased by 9% our happiness with the way the country is going in just 12 months.

What’s really interesting if you stop and think about this is that 27% of the population identify themselves as Democrats, while only 23% are happy with the direction of the country. That would mean that there are 4% of those that are Democrats that actually seem to have a modicum of intelligence, and aren’t mind-numbed party robots. Yeah, I know…that’s what the liberals like to call followers of Limbaugh, but the truth is both parties have them. And here in the desert, we’re all about the truth.

So, what can we take from this? I think we can take from this once again that Hillary Clinton is in a world of hurt. Leave her legal problems, her scandals, her lies, and her distortions out of the equation all together. She is out there saying she “stands with President Obama”…and I say let her stand with the guy. Why anyone running for president this year would want to have him on their side when his disapproval rating is currently at 56% (yes Virginia…that’s enough to lose you the election!), is beyond me.

I don’t think all the dumbing down in the world that the NEA and the Federation of Teachers can do to our kids can still make them love the liberals. This isn’t North Korea, and I think we’re a long way from becoming North Korea. When you read this, we’re going to be 370 days away from losing this clown as “leader” of our nation forever. It should be the greatest party on the face of the earth, and the whole world minus ISIS and maybe Russia and China, should declare it a world-wide holiday. Yeah, the UN probably won’t be as happy, but that’s just tough. They’ve had their eight years and they’re still not happy.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!