Has The Implosion Started?

DISCLAIMER: If you are prone to think that people that talk about women are sexist, you are going to want to skip this particular blog today. I promise, tomorrow I will “return to normal”, but today, sorry, it could very well seem like I’m picking on women. I’m not.

There. I’ve given you fair warning. Here’s the deal. Hillary Clinton has started to lose it. No, I’m not saying she’s insane or anything like that, and my theory is a little different than most. I’m saying she’s not cut out to be president, just like Carly Fiorina is not cut out to be president…and I like some of the things Fiorina says. It’s just that I’m watching this race, on both sides, very closely, and have reached the conclusion that women just don’t run for president very well. And now I will explain.

Hillary Clinton had a huge lead over Bernie Sanders a month ago. It looked like the nomination was in the bag, and the only thing that could stop her was an indictment from the FBI and Justice Department. Maybe that was what did it, but she’s stepped in a lot of dog shit in the past month, and it’s basically all her fault. The result has been an extreme tightening of the Democrats’ race. Actually, what has happened is what always happens…as the election date gets closer (in Iowa and New Hampshire); the race always tightens because people that weren’t following the race start paying attention. And in both states, they don’t like what they see as a leader in Hillary. Now, unlike a man, who understands this, Hillary has panicked. She is pulling out the stops in attacking Bernie Sanders thinking that will be enough to stop his momentum and give her the win she really does need in Iowa.

That’s a mistake to think that way. It happened like that in 2008. Hillary had a HUGE lead over Obama going into the Iowa caucuses, and as the time got closer, so did the race. Obama ended up winning, and Hillary ended up third. She never recovered. This time, she was determined to win the Hawkeye State. If she doesn’t, she’ll end up losing New Hampshire, which is favorite son territory for Sanders. If something happens in South Carolina, Hillary could be 0-3 going into Nevada, where Sanders is surging. Then she has to rely on Super SEC Tuesday to save her butt. That may or may not happen.

Hillary’s campaign sent out Chelsea Clinton-Whatever Her Last Name Now Is to attack Bernie Sanders on key Democrat points like Obamacare, Medicare, and healthcare in general. The attack was widely panned by most Dems, and there was even a PAC that put up a commercial against Hillary, showing her attacking Barack Obama as being “mean spirited” because he attacked her on healthcare. She thought back in 2008 that was unconscionable! Then a scant eight years later, she’s using the same tactic.

This has all the makings of the early stages of an implosion. If Hillary loses Iowa, which is looking a lot more probable now than a month ago, it will be interesting to see how she does in South Carolina. They’re not quite as conservative as Iowa, though more diverse in their population, and the general feel is Hillary will do better among blacks than Sanders will. If that’s the case, it will be the Clinton firewall. I’m not so sure it will happen. And it won’t happen because of the fact Hillary, like Fiorina on the other side, doesn’t know how to handle being in the lead, and panics. Call it sexist, but I’m watching the only two women in the race tank at about the same time. There may be some other reason, but I’m guessing the pressure of the marathon gets to women more than men, which is why we haven’t had a female president yet.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “Has The Implosion Started?

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  2. It’s not a gender issue. Look at the failed campaigns of all the candidates thus far none are better than Clinton and Fiorina’s campaigns. The problem is that only 2 women are running for President, not that women cannot run for president because they’re flawed somehow. What if Jim Webb, Lincoln Chafee, Rick Santorum, and Mike Huckabee were your only choices? Wouldn’t you be wondering, “Why are these my only choices? Can’t they find any men I’d be willing to vote for?”. There are women who could campaign better than Clinton and Fiorina, but what process excluded them before we even knew their names?

    In fact, yours is the perfect argument FOR the Clinton campaign because it reminds women that a lot of everyday men don’t think women are capable of winning, or of serving as POTUS. Which makes me want to vote for Hillary just to prove you wrong. And, I don’t want to vote for someone based solely on their gender. I don’t feel like I have to do that because, fortunately, I understand that you are as powerless in this process as I am. The establishment picked Hillary. A woman. Without even consulting laymen like yourself. The establishment is ready for a woman to be president. A woman they own. I’m ready for a woman to be president, but one with integrity. I guess the establishment didn’t count on women deciding that we are confident and comfortable enough to wait for the right woman to be president… as long as we have someone better to vote for. If Sanders is defeated, we will not have a better candidate and might as well install our first female president. So the question I have is, are you working for Hillary?

    • Actually, I DO think there are a lot of capable women out there that could be good presidents. I just don’t believe that Carly and Hillary are included in that mix. There ARE much better women than them. But be careful of which you wish for! Remember eight years ago, we were “ready for a black president”. How’d that turn out? As to your question of am I working for Hillary? I have to laugh. I’m afraid that there isn’t a reason in the world to work for a lying sociopath. Thanks for the comment!

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