Obama Just Doesn’t Matter Anymore

If you were one of the 14 people that actually sat through the State of the Union speech on Tuesday evening, you saw something that was historic. You witnessed a president become irrelevant right before your eyes. Oh, he wanted to be relevant. He wanted to say the right things and make you believe that he had fulfilled his campaign promise of “Hope & Change”, but he really only did the latter half of that; and not in a good way.

No, what you saw in the State of the Union speech was a dying politician that was grasping at life any way that he could. Oh, he still has some power left, but I was struck by the fact that here was a guy that if he didn’t toot his own horn to congress and rest of the world, you wouldn’t be hearing a horn at all. Here was a guy that had to take a victory lap after getting shellacked. He should be running for cover, not taking a victory lap. And yet, in his mind, Barack Obama is the greatest American president in history.

Oh, he didn’t mention his failures…and there have been many. He didn’t mention the 28 scandals that plagued the early days of his administration. An interesting side note is he really hasn’t been tagged with many scandals after Hillary Clinton left office, leaving you to wonder who was behind all of the misinformation and wrong calls. He didn’t even mention that Iran was, as he was speaking, holding two of our patrol boats, and ten of our sailors hostage. Granted they were released the next day, but you would have thought something like that would have made the speech. But not this speech. No, this speech wasn’t about the state of America. This speech was a legacy-builder on why Bobo Obama has been a great leader.

Unfortunately, it failed miserably. Most pundits on both sides of the political spectrum panned it as nothing more than egotistical blather. You know when liberal commentators are taking aim at your speech and panning it, it has to be bad. No, Obama has failed. American has stumbled, but the beautiful thing about electing a crappy president is our nation can survive eight years of lousy leadership. We can patch up wounded relationships with the rest of the world. We can once again assume the leadership role we were meant to have, and did have until 2009. We can lead and become the great nation that we once were, before we fell for a door-to-door salesman’s pitch on how great he was, and how he was equal in stature to a Greek god. I think that realistically, while some may want to see a horserace come this fall, I think we’re looking at another Jimmy Carter vs. Ronald Reagan…another Richard Nixon vs. George McGovern. Another Lyndon Johnson vs. Barry Goldwater. I think we’re looking at a whitewash, and it’s not going to be pretty.

And I’m going to sit in my easy chair on November 8th and laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


9 thoughts on “Obama Just Doesn’t Matter Anymore

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  2. While I wasn’t one of the 14 who actually tuned into the malignant narcissist, I was doing plenty of channel surfing, etc. and landed on the SOTU about ten occasions too many. Less than half of his party participated in those gutless standing ovations and as the camera panned about, it was clear that many were bored stiff.

    Thought I saw a photo somewhere of Nancy Pelosi napping. Let us pray that Obama goes quietly into the night and not from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to the Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza or Trump Tower Plaza across the street from the United Nations.

    • Sorry that you had to sit through any of the SOTU, even if it was by accident. Unless of course, you were playing a drinking game and had to do a shot every time the word “I” or “me” was used. Then you probably didn’t care what you were watching! As for sending Bobo to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, who cares? The UN has proven itself to be totally void of any real meaning or power. Trump Tower? Nah…Obama can’t afford the rent.

    • I watched the beginning, then about half way through channel surfed as well. What I did notice, that in the past with a President, such as Reagan, the entrance standing ovation was long….very long. Then the introduction from the Speaker was a repeated long standing ovation, some lasting nearly 5 minutes. Obama’s in comparison to standing Os was extremely short, and not fully participated. It had to tell us something……..however, the reaction doesn’t match-up with Congress’ otherwise non-existence during Obama’s administration. They have been an ineffective non-participant.

  3. Well Desert, the view from several thousands of miles away gives me a better view of what’s happening that in the bullshit infested ether that passes for the U.S. Wow, a lame duck president does not matter. Did you come to realization because you took Poly Sci 101 or did you really learn this on your own?

    Here you go again with the Fox induced scandals, 28 to be exact and what would they be, can you name all 28 without Google? Can you name one? Benghazi? Stop, that train has so left the station that Hillary ripped off super prosecutor Trey Gowdy’s dick, shoved it up his ass several times and then stuck it down his throat with his balls before she finished testifying. So what else do you have.

    The only failure to talk of is the Republican’s failure to stop Obama starting with Colonel Dickweed Mitch (the Bitch) McConnell saying that the Republicans only goal was to make him a one term president. How did that work out for you? Oh yeah, you lost. Then there is John of Orange Boner who said to Obama’s recovery plan “No! No! Hell No!” Finally, Paul Ryan aka Eddie Munster will not do immigration reform because of the Darkie in the White House. You may say different, but that is the bottom line, is the country is better off with Obama but then you will not be around to hear this.

    That said, I’ going to have a beer that has not been produced by running water through a horse’s dick.

    Bedankt and Tot Ziens

    • I can see the change of venue has done you a world of good. It hasn’t made you any smarter, or any more correct in your views, but it’s done you a world of good. Benghazi is just one of the 28 scandals, though I would say that was actually Hillary’s problem and no, she isn’t through that one yet. It’s still going on. While in other nations’ I would suggest you take a kinder, and gentler look at what’s going on around you and compare it to what’s going on here. Even you yourself seem to be expressing displeasure as to what’s happening in the good ol’ USA right now. You should. Oh…and while you’re gone, Hillary is tanking. Just thought you’d like to know!

      • Snarky seems to be a lost soul, searching for world peace in a most troubled world. His Hillary infatuation should tell you something. Also, it isn’t Trey Gowdy she needs to be looking over her shoulder for, it’s the FBI and it’s probably too late for that. They aren’t just interest in her lame Emails. It’s that phony front of a Foundation they thrive and live under.

      • The Snarkster is pretty harmless. Yeah, he’s a lost soul in a different generation, but his infatuation is actually with Bernie Sanders. Hillary is too “republican” (small “r”) for him. But you’re right about the shell game they are playing with the foundation….hmmm….I wonder if that would work out here in the desert?

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