Hillary, Then and Now

There was a really interesting piece in the Washington Post the other day. It was showing via graphs how Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency is pretty much on the same collision course with failure that it was eight years ago…only worse.

Eight years ago, Hillary was on target to have the nomination sewn up. At this point she had a 15 point lead over Barack Obama, and even more over John Edwards. Then something happened. The wheels came off the bus. She tanked. She finished behind both of them in Iowa. She went to New Hampshire, and while she won that state’s primary, she really was hurt. She never recovered. And this year, it looks as if she learned nothing from her previous experience. She got beat by someone that never should have been in the running in the first place eight years ago…this year, a lowly, independent socialist senator from a tiny state in New England is giving her all she can handle and more.

This time it’s been scandal that’s been the unraveling of Hillary Clinton. She was bumping along, doing fine until it was leaked that the FBI had 150 agents on her case and looked to be ready to present a major case against her in her email scandals. It was fine until this latest batch of emails showed her telling one of her aides to lie, to falsify a classified document, strip it of its classified heading and send it over to her via unsecured means. At that point, it appears it became her Howard Dean “EEEHAH” moment. That was the point in time where she fell off the table like a lead weight.

Can she gather herself and her humongous staff together and rebound? That remains to be seen. She’s trotting Bill out to help save the day, but there’s no guarantee that an aging Bill Clinton still has enough bang in him to push her over the nomination line, much less the general election. She has made some tremendously poor decisions this entire campaign, from opening up on the internet while in a van somewhere in Indiana, heading to Iowa…to holding “town hall meetings” with five or six people instead of massive rallies that could have shown how popular she was compared to Bernie Sanders. She has faltered in the way she has handled the press, basically shutting them out to the point where they didn’t want to even cover her. Meanwhile, Sanders was talking to anyone that would listen, and was picking up momentum he had never dreamed of. And while Hillary couldn’t fill a 500 seat meeting room in a hotel in Des Moines, Sanders was drawing 10,000 people and having to switch venues to accommodate the large capacity crowds.

No, Hillary hasn’t obviously learned anything about how to run a campaign in eight years. The real question is, is Sanders such a poor candidate that it won’t matter, or is Hillary looking at another Barack Obama taking her out of her dream job once again?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    • Hillary is in a world of hurt. Word is she’s in full panic mode and afraid she’s going to lose Iowa (again). Well, at least she won’t finish third this time! But if she loses Iowa and New Hampshire, I’m hearing that it’ll be a whole new ballgame, and the door is open for Sanders to prove himself on Super Tuesday!

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