But What IF Hillary Is Indicted?

Oh there is a lot of speculation about what will happen IF Hillary gets the bad news from the FBI that they’ve found enough evidence to ask for an indictment from the Justice Department. And yes, there is speculation that the Obama administration, which has never really been a fan of the Clintons, will actually follow through with it because they’d much rather see Bernie Sanders as their guy in the White House than Hillary. But what if Hillary does face the evidence that there is enough evidence to indict, AND the Justice Department finds the balls to indict her?

Funny you should ask. Rasmussen did a poll on that. 46% of those out there felt that if a candidate (no names were used…but you’d have to be an idiot to not know of whom they were speaking!) were indicted, should they stop their campaign immediately. While 47% felt that they’d have to stop their campaign only if a judge found that person guilty…the ol’ “innocent until proven guilty” thing. Interestingly and predictably enough, 54% of Republicans felt they should stop their campaign, while 41% said to wait. 40% of Democrats agreed with that, while 53% disagreed.

Now here’s the interesting thing in all of this. Typical conventional wisdom (and Hillary’s camp) has said that Hillary will be alright as long as she isn’t indicted, but that if she is, that would need to create a bridge to cross up the road. That basically means that they feel that they’re ok as long as she doesn’t get an indictment from the Obama administration, and feel confident that they won’t. But IF they do, it could create problems. Well, according to this, it does, but not lethal problems for the campaign. More people feel they’d want to wait until a court decides guilt or innocence before declaring her unelectable. That is going to give her hope…and probably has already been the topic of many a focus group sponsored by the Clinton campaign.

Frankly, I think a lot of Sander’s surge can be attributed to the most recent revelation that she actually instructed an aide to strip the classification headings out of a document and send it to her unsecured. That was the smoking gun that the GOP had been looking for in the many thousands of emails that they’ve wasted their time with so far. While I’m sure the FBI has enough evidence to send a request for indictment to the Justice Department, and I’m equally sure that if the Justice Department doesn’t indict, there not only will be a rebellion at the FBI, there will be a rebellion among the American people. And if they DO indict, there will be a surge to whoever is Hillary’s opponent at the time. Let’s be honest, you don’t come out of this thing looking good regardless, and Hillary’s people have to know that!

In the short run, it will hurt her. In the long run, she loses the White House, but as I’ve said all along, there aren’t enough red-caps to carry all of the baggage this woman has created for herself. And by the way, all of you libs out there need to know, it’s been created BY her! It’s not any vast right-wing conspiracy. She’s done it all to herself and she has only herself to blame.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. Indictment only means there are 24 people believing there is merit in prosecuting a case, while there is nothing stating that any case, MUST, be prosecuted.
    I do not believe Hillary will be prosecuted. The corruption is, within the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch. Lynch is another piece of garbage and chosen over the HSBC donations when she was in NY and the biggest donors to BHO included HSBC. Bankers pulling the strings, for their own profiteering. Hillary is a player with donor issues, as are most of the elected millionaires in DC. The entire System, went corrupt.

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