Obama’s At It Again…

Bobo Obama just doesn’t get it. After spending the past seven years as president, and after having failed initiative after failed initiative, you would have “the smartest guy in the room” would have realized that his grand experiment in socialism was a bust and a huge failure. Ask 70% of the American people, who would agree with that statement!

Well, on the campaign trail (he’s campaigning for his State of the Union lecture); Bobo decided it was time to do something about unemployment compensation. No, silly rabbit, he’s not trying to get rid of it, he’s trying to expand it. He wants to add“re-employment insurance” to the already bloated and mismanaged unemployment insurance that guarantees you a two year vacation if you happen to get laid off from your job. Re-employment insurance you ask? Yup. Basically, it guarantees that if you lose your job and have to take another job at lower pay, the government will pay up to $10,000 of the income you lost from the first job to the second job IF you are making under $50,000 a year. Huh? Since when did the government really get into the insurance business? And since when did they start making such stupid and insipid plans?

Well, it goes back a ways. You can probably thank Harry Truman, as he was the guy that wanted universal healthcare. You can certainly thank LBJ because he was the guy that fought the war on poverty. A war, we’ve lost by the way. The only thing the US government did as far as the war on poverty was concerned was come closer to it as a nation. We did nothing to beat poverty. In fact, more people are living below the poverty line today, under this magnanimous leader who thinks so highly of himself, than we were when LBJ passed it over 50 years ago.

There IS a simple philosophy for government, even federal government to follow. If a business anywhere in your jurisdiction can do the same thing you’re proposing to do, don’t do it. Allow the private enterprise the ability to go ahead and do it, and back away. I’m reminded of my adopted hometown of Toledo, Ohio. There, the mayor (the same one that wanted to move deaf people near the airport because they wouldn’t hear the planes coming in and taking off…true story!), took an abandoned city-owned storage facility on the outskirts of downtown, and wanted to turn it into an entertainment mecca. It failed miserably, and pissed off a lot of people who were running banquet halls, and entertainment venues. Why should they be paying the city taxes, when the city is their competitor? Makes sense, doesn’t it?

So, we find ourselves in the same position with this president. Unfortunately for, and fortunately for us, congress has to pass this, not him. And there’s no way to executive order your way around this one. And just remember…369 days and counting!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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