Hillary Camp Admits Mistake, Panic

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is once again in “free-fall” mode. This time, as every time in the past, it’s because of the candidate’s doing. Apparently, Bernie Sanders has closed the gap in Iowa to the point that Clinton’s own people feel she may lose Iowa and get swamped in New Hampshire. If that’s the case, she’s 0-2 going into South Carolina toward the end of February, and Nevada after that. That means that if she loses the first two states, South Carolina follows suit, which is at this point unlikely, and Nevada, which is close, swings to Sanders, Clinton could find herself out of momentum come Super Tuesday. That was the day she wanted to wrap up the nomination. Now she’s got to be wondering if she’ll even GET the nomination!

That the Clinton campaign underestimated Sanders from the beginning is an understatement. Hell, everybody did. Who would have thought a doddering old socialist from a tiny New England state would be able to put together a campaign that was solid and could win the White House? Do you want to know the last time someone from New England actually won the White House? Try 1960. John F. Kennedy was the last guy to win from that part of the country. Oh, many have tried…most from Massachusetts, including Michael Dukakis and John Kerry. But few have come close.

The Clinton campaign felt more like Apollo Creed going into a fight with Rocky Balboa than they did about what was really happening, a poor politician that hates debates, hates campaigns, hates being around people winning a nomination for an office that requires you to campaign for two solid years. And just like in the Rocky movie, Hillary has had her ass handed to her. Oh, she took the first few rounds, but stumbled over the summer. The best laid plans usually go to hell when you get punched in the face. And I’m sure she felt the email scandal would go the same way that all of the Clintons’ scandals went…they’d talk their way out of it. Unfortunately, those were pretty much scandals that Bill was able to weave through, not Hillary. Hillary can’t talk her way out of a paper bag. Bill is likeable, Hillary is not. Bill is a communications genius, Hillary is lucky to put a few sentences together. You want to have a beer with Bill…you want Hillary to go off and hide.

But the really funny thing that the Clinton campaign has admitted…and really played into Bernie Sanders’ hands is she feels she would have done better if they had scheduled more debates! As God is my witness, they said that! Can you believe the shit Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has taken for scheduling lousy times, and a few debates to protect Hillary, only to have her get thrown under the bus for not scheduling more debates at better times? Apparently, the campaign feels they’ve “hidden” Hillary too much (which is what I’ve said all along). But the problem is, the more you see of Hillary, the less you like her. It’s a no win situation for Clinton…and Sanders is likeable and surging. And oops…is that the fat lady I hear warming up off stage?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. She thinks she’s the best, but she was the worst candidate the Dems could have put out there. O’Malley would make a better prez than she would. But he didn’t get the protection from the DNC like she did. Sanders is just a grumpy old man who’s benefiting from people who can’t stand Hill’s toxic personality and college age twits who are too young to know anything about socialism.

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