This Is Healing A Nation?

You’re going to have to forgive me. I’m a creature of habit. I like to believe the things I’m told by people. Oh sure, I’ve been burned in the past. Rarely is it because people out and out lie to me. Mostly it’s because they tell me stuff someone else has told them, they believed it and relayed the information on to others without actually doing some due diligence and checking up on the facts themselves. And then I fall into the same trap. But this time, I really thought it would be the case.

I’m speaking of the Rasmussen Poll that claims that over half of Americans feel that race relations in this country have become worse under the current president. When I read that, I felt sad because first of all, I DO want us all to get along. And second, I DID believe that a black president could indeed unite blacks and whites. I really don’t think that people want to fight over racial issues. What has happened has been anything but a unifying event.

Obama showed early on that he was more interested in radicalism than healing racial tensions. He showed almost from the start that it was more important to him to give the blacks in this country a pass on things because they were black, and for no other reason. His belief was that the white man had kept blacks down as a race since the Civil War, and that HE was the guy to fix that. But he was going to fix it through the same, ill-conceived plans that brought us affirmative action. Instead of healing a divide, being the typical liberal, he sought to divide the classes and in this case the races. That’s not healing.

Then came all of the riots and the “police infractions”, which were basically instances of black criminals getting shot because they were doing something illegal, and when caught, didn’t listen to the police, and tried to be combative. That’s not the way to deal with someone in uniform…and if those folks weren’t taught that by someone along the way, shame on them. But Obama and Holder’s position was to investigate not the criminals that were killed either while committing or shortly after committing a crime, but the police who were enforcing the law. It was a low point in Department of Justice history.

Since that point, blacks have rioted because of what they felt were unfair treatment by police officers. Not necessarily white police officers, because as anyone can see, the six police that were charged with murder in Baltimore, at least half of them were black. No, there has been no racial healing under this president, but then, I don’t think that was his goal. I think his goal was to “repay” in a way, blacks for all of the perceived indiscretions they’ve had against them. And I’m not saying some, or even most of those indiscretions weren’t real. I’m saying that is not the way you bring a nation together. Put another way, Martin Luther King Jr. (who was a Republican by the way), would never have done the things Barack Obama and Eric Holder have done.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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