Clinton Emails Show Proof Of Lying

As if the Inspector General finding “Top Secret/SAP” emails on Hillary Clinton’s home-made server wasn’t damaging enough, even the Obama administration is starting to back away from it’s one-time Secretary of State.

It seems that the problem with Clinton is that the original lie she told on March 10, 2015 at the United Nations when she told the world that she didn’t have anything “classified” on the server, and that she knew what the requirements were for classified documents haunts her to this day. Of course, that statement quickly changed to “I never sent or received anything marked classified at the time”, a Clintonian tactic designed to parse words (remember “It depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is”?). The key words, “at the time” was a reference to the fact that the State Department and the intelligence communities later deemed there WERE classified materials, over 1,300 of them on the server. But Hillary’s assertion was they weren’t classified at the time she either sent or received them.

That also turned out to be false. As we learned earlier this week, the Inspector General, an Obama appointee by the way, testified that not only were there classified documents on the server at the time they were received and sent, but there were documents that were marked TOP SECRET/SAP, which is the most sensitive area of classification. This is what David Petraeus had in his possession in his home that ruined his career. He was fined and placed on probation and lost his job over it.

The latest fallout for Hillary seems to be that she is sticking to the original lie. Well, that makes sense because if she were to go back on that now, she’d be admitting to the world, in the middle of a heated presidential primary fight, that she’s a liar and she’d lose all credibility in her party (she’s already lost it among Republicans and Independents).

Hillary was on NPR this past week, spouting the same stuff, that it wasn’t classified TOP SECRET/SAP when she received it. She even outlined what it was… a news story dealing with drones in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, it’s a bit of Clinton misdirection. It dealt with drones, but wasn’t about the news story at all. She’s having you look at her left hand, when really you need to look in the right hand. At least, that’s what liberal NPR commentator Mara Liasson said, and if anybody has been a Hillary supporter, it’s been Mara.

Clinton’s lead has evaporated in Iowa, was never evident in New Hampshire, and is shrinking to nothing in national polls. In fact, more and more media outlets are describing this as 2008’s Clinton campaign all over again. Remember back then? She had a 17% lead over Obama in Iowa two weeks before the caucuses. She finished third and never really recovered.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!