National Review Needs To Butt Out

Look, I’ve said many times that I haven’t chosen a candidate for president to support yet. I usually have by this time, but this year I haven’t. Maybe I’m in a funk about the Lions not making the NFL playoffs (again). Maybe I’m waiting for the Arizona Cardinals to upend Carolina this weekend. Maybe I’m waiting to see if Michigan State actually gets past the Final Four this March. Maybe I’m wondering how low the price of oil goes? Maybe I’ve just been busy.

But The National Review can just take a chill pill and put it on the back burner. I get it that Glenn Beck doesn’t like Donald Trump…he’s not conservative enough for him. I get it that The National Review gave it eight months and America is still in love with Trump, so now they’ve decided to trash him. And they have every right to do so, because they have the same freedom of speech that I do. They are missing one important point though…

Nobody gives a rat’s ass what The 22 “authors” at the National Review really thinks!

That said it’s not The National Review that will elect the next president of the United States. It’s not the Republican mainstream or even the RNC. It’s not the DNC, and it’s not Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. It’s you and me. And frankly, I’m getting tired of organizations trying to take down candidates in their own party. The National Review should be thankful that Donald Trump is running for one very important reason. He has brought a lot of attention to the political process this year. A lot of people that have never voted before are excited about him, and excited about the Republican primary, and yes, I’ll say it… it’s a lot like what happened with the Democrats in 2008 when Barack Obama ran. A lot of people that had never before turned out to support “America’s first black president”. But it was AMERICANS that voted (or will vote) in both cases. Not a magazine that’s past its prime, and not a radio talk show host that, while a personal acquaintance of mine, is really maudlin and melodramatic.

Why would I really care who the New York Times endorses over on the Democrats’ side? I don’t. And why would I care that The Weekly Standard is, as they call it, “anti-Trump”? I don’t. So, why do I care what The National Review even thinks? Again, the simple answer is, I don’t.

I know everybody wants to weigh in, and everybody’s an expert on this stuff (me included), but truth be told, in the end, it’s what America feels like come November that matters. I don’t care what CBS or Fox News or MSNBC thinks. I care what I think, and frankly today I’m not sure WHAT I think, or who I want to support. I know who I WON’T support, and that’s been made abundantly clear on these pages.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “National Review Needs To Butt Out

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    Most people don’t care what the National Review thinks, or those that sign on to their seldom read articles. The average American, sees those NR endorsements (of the article, Anti-Trump) because the media made a huge issue of it. They look at those names, then say to themself, “Why do I care what they think”.

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