Kerry: “Billions Going To Terrorists”

John Kerry admitted on Thursday what every single thinking person in the world already knew… the billions of dollars going to Iran as a part of Obama’s big legacy, the Iran Nuclear Deal, was going to fund terrorists around the world.

Kerry’s comments were startling to be sure. He came out and in typical Kerry fashion, said exactly what the money was going to be used for after months of obfuscating and lying about where the money would be headed. Oh, he said that “some” of the money would be going to help to rebuild the economy, but added, totally on his own, without being prompted, that there would be money going to fund terrorism. That in and of itself, should invoke the “snap-back” clauses of the deal. We all know it won’t, at least until next January, when a Republican gets in office, negates the current deal with Iran, and slaps sanctions back on them. But by that point it won’t matter. The damage will have been done.

Barack Obama did get his legacy item in this deal. He gave Iran a nuclear weapon. And if there is anyone out there that actually believes that Iran won’t have tested a nuclear device by next January 20th, you’ve got rocks for brains. They don’t care about any deal. They don’t care about any sanctions snapping back, because they know that’s not going to happen.

Iran has already made deals with Airbus, the European airline company for billions of dollars in business. That insures that the Europeans aren’t going to slap sanctions on them. If the US does unilaterally, then you’ve got another Cuba situation. You won’t be able to buy Iranian oil in this country, but the rest of the world will pick up the slack. Meanwhile, under the terms of the agreement, since the UN has already stipulated that Iran has complied with all of the terms of the deal, they are now free to purchase weapons from other countries legally, and do with them whatever they wish. It’s not a long putt to think that some of the weapons being purchased will end up in the hands of the terrorist organizations that Iran has been funding all these years, but there is no concrete evidence to that effect just yet.

That’s the whole problem with this deal in the first place. By the time you get concrete proof of Iran violating any part of the deal, it’s too late. They are self-inspecting their sites and turning the data over to the IAEA for verification (which I ask, how can that happen if the IAEA isn’t there inspecting the facilities?). By the time the world learns of the violations of the deal, Iran will have achieved their objective…and Obama will have fulfilled his dream of making the Peacock Kingdom the regional power in the Middle East.

This was a bad deal all the way around. John Kerry knows it. He lets it slip little by little how bad of a deal it was. And all the while he was giving away the store; he told the American people that if it were a bad deal, he’d walk away. I vote that we let John Kerry walk away…all the way to Tehran!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. Desert, since our residence in Paris does not have a TV and the apt. in Brussels had a cable system that defied operation, I am unaware of Kerry comments. Personally, I believe him to be wrong or a quote was taken out of context, but since you know me to be a serious man who does his research and generally knows what he is talking about, permit me to present an alternative analysis.

    I hardly believe that the billions from the nuclear deal are going to go to terrorists. This is because Iran is basically in shambles. The inflation rate is nasty not to put too fine a point on it. Their infrastructure, i.e., roads bridges, dams, buildings, etc. are in terrible shape, actually worse than ours, which is saying something. Their arable land is turning into a desert because they have used over 70% of their groundwater in the past thirty years nd they have been in a drought for at least the past seven years. About 65% of their population is under the age of 40 and they have a terrible unemployment problem. They also have terrible pollution problems.

    The natives are getting restless because of this. The Iran deal was approved by the Ayatollah and the Revolutionary Guard because of the above. They had to essentially steal an election in 2009 to remain in power.

    Now you can have all the political posturing you want, Death to America Day (I want a t-shirt), the Israel thing (Iran was Israel’s biggest trading partner in the 1990’s), etc. The above problems present a huge opportunity to the West because of our knowledge. Since the collection of Republican candidates and the other Very Serious People in the Republican tent could not analyze their way out of a paper bag on this, the rhetoric on cancelling this shows what blithering shitheads they really are, starting with the leading ass clown, Donald Trump. Cancel the deal and Europe, who is in economic doldrums, cleans up and they will not negotiate with Trump for a new deal. Sorry Donald of Orange, you cannot push around countries like that local counsel you did in Scotland for a fucking golf course. They will send you and that dead muskrat on your head packing.

    Remember Bush The Stupid had a terrific chance for the better deal that Republicans howl about now back in 2003, but VP Darth Vader said that we don’t negotiate with our enemies. If you think Vader was correct, read A Simple Roll of The Dice. Actually I recommend it for your site visitors, provided they can read. I would loan you my copy but I don’t loan out my books.

    So party on Wayne, party on Garth and learn something for a change.

    • Actually Snark, the quote I used I triple checked. It’s accurate, in fact I watched a video on a “mainstream” news channel (meaning NOT Fox News) of Kerry saying it. It IS valid and true. And while I will agree with your assessment of the Iranian people, I’ll also state that being that much put down hasn’t sparked any real fire in their belly to do anything about it. That leads one to think they are either mindless robots just going through life until they can die, or they are in agreement with their leaders. I don’t, by the way, subscribe to the latter. I doubt seriously you would find the same results if that happened on this side of the Atlantic.

      Enjoy your Bourdeaux!

  3. barry, kerry and hillary should be brought up on treason.

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  4. You can try those three as soon as Bush, Darth Vader, Paul Wolfowitz Snowflake Rumsfeld, Kind of lousy Rice and the rest of the Iraq war posse are charged with war crimes and that little 9/11 thing.

    • Um…I have no idea what you’re talking about, Snarky. “that little 9/11 thing”??? Really??? Little? Methinks you may be enjoying too much Champagne over there! Let’s focus on the present…not ancient history (which I know you majored in).

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