State Department Delay…

While I’m not a fan of any of the departments run by the Obama administration; they’ve all proven why liberals make bad administrators of policy, I’m not really convinced that the latest State Department delay is caused by political scheming to make sure Hillary wins Iowa and New Hampshire. In fact, I’m sure it’s not that at all.

While I would probably say that Hillary needs all the help she can get right now, I think there’s something else in the works. I think the Democrats in the know (like those at the very top of the party) are already scheming against her. I don’t think the State Department is out to necessarily help her, I think that they’re just a bunch of over-worked, incompetents that are trying to clean up the mess that she left. I know that’s a pretty simplistic explanation of everything, but when in doubt, the easiest explanation is usually the one that’s the closest to the truth, and in this case, the State Department is proving time and time again that they aren’t capable of actual efficiency when it comes to expediting the email problem Hillary is facing.

I’m sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Hillary Clinton would absolutely love to have all of the emails out there today, so she can say its old news, there’s nothing there, I’ve done nothing wrong, etc. By the State Department dragging this out another month, and with the doubt hanging over Hillary’s head, Bernie Sanders is likely to take Iowa and New Hampshire and have the shit hit the fan right as Nevada and South Carolina are in play, and Super Tuesday looming on the horizon. That is not, I assure you, what Hillary Clinton wants.

The REAL question here isn’t Hillary, its Obama. What does HE want? Because if he thinks that she is damaged goods and can’t win in November, he isn’t going to want her winning the nomination. His entire presidential legacy is based on a Democrat winning. If the GOP were to win the White House, Obamacare is trashed, the Iran Deal is history, Gitmo either remains open or re-opens, the immigration executive order goes away, everything changes. That leaves Obama with TPP as his sole legacy. And while that’s better than what he’s looking at now, it’s not enough for an ego-maniac. So you have to think that it’s not Hillary’s camp behind the State Department delay, it’s Obama. And you have to think that the reason is Hillary isn’t going to be there after the Democrats’ convention.

So, who is the likely savior of the party? At this point, while Obama would relish the fact of Bernie Sanders winning the nomination, he’s too far left to win in a general election. That means there has to be an angel somewhere willing to swoop down in a fit of fury and announce to the world that he will be willing to take on the mantle and save the party from a whitewash in November. There are two people that could do that today in the Democrat party. One is Elizabeth Warren, but she isn’t going to do it. The other is Joe Biden, and though he said he’s out, he’s saving himself for the utter catastrophe that will occur if Hillary gets the referral for a criminal indictment from the FBI (and that seems more and more likely). Biden has said that he regrets the decision to stay out of the race every single day. He also said it was the right decision. What that means is when Hillary implodes, he’s there to save the party, and he’d be a hell of a lot better candidate, certainly more likeable than a crotchety seventy-something socialist! Could he beat Donald Trump? Not sure, but if I were on the other side and wanted somebody new, he’d be the guy I’d be looking at. And that is probably the biggest conspiracy theory of all in this campaign!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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