“FBI WILL Recommend Clinton Face Prosecution”

Editorial Board member of the Chicago Tribune, Clarence Page, and John McLaughlin of PBS’ “The McLaughlin Group” have come out and predicted that the FBI will indeed recommend that Hillary Clinton face prosecution for her mishandling of her Top Secret/SAP emails.

That revelation came on the latest edition of “The McLaughlin Group” on Friday. Now, neither Page nor McLaughlin can ever be confused to be conservative, and certainly not part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” that Hillary is obsessed about. Both are unabashed liberals. So the news is rather daunting.

Both also felt that while the FBI would make the recommendation that Clinton be prosecuted, the Obama administration and Attorney General Loretta Lynch wouldn’t go through and indict her. That’s where I differ with them on the matter.

My reasoning is simple. Obama is a political machine. Lynch is a puppet, and really doesn’t have a mind of her own. And Obama knows that a Hillary Clinton that wins the Democrat nomination for president, and goes into the general election with the recommendation hanging over her head, but no Justice Department indictment, is just about as wounded as if they indicted her. She becomes very weak as a candidate at that point, and would be extremely easy to beat. In light of that, Obama becomes the “Gerald Ford of the 21st Century” in that he basically pardons Clinton before she’s found guilty by never sending her to trial. THAT becomes his legacy. Forget the rest of the stuff. And don’t think for a minute they haven’t had this discussion in the Oval Office!

The one thing Obama cares more about than anything else here is his legacy. He could give a damn about Hillary or Bernie for that matter…but he needs them. He’s done so much through executive orders that can easily be done away with in less than a year; it would be difficult to actually have a legacy. If he indicts Hillary, and I’m about 50-50 that he will, he allows “justice to be done, and Hillary’s name to be cleared with this once and for all”, and he then allows his loyal number two, Joe Biden to swoop in and save the party at the last minute…teaming up with Elizabeth Warren as his running mate. That appeases the liberals, and gives the Democrats a better candidate than either Clinton or Sanders.

Meanwhile, Clinton loses out either way on her dream of becoming president, assuming of course that she could actually win the nomination. At this point, that’s way up in the stratosphere. She’s banking on the SEC Super Tuesday to save her, because she’s “better with blacks than Sanders is”, but if this thing is hanging over her head, that may not matter. Certainly the mainstream Democrats have to be worried that if the FBI comes out with this recommendation, they could be backing a wounded duck on life support, and that’s something no Dem wants to do. They would almost certainly be trying to find a backup plan. And Joe Biden is a great back up plan.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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