Obamacare Is Cratering

I said this two years ago, and it bears repeating. Obamacare will not survive. It cannot survive because it defies all the logical laws of economics. It will end up collapsing upon itself like a dying star, and that is precisely what the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says is happening.

Obamacare has never been as popular as the Democrats thought it would be, and for good reason. It’s a terrible bill. Oh, the idea behind it may be ok, but the actual bill itself is a nightmare that was passed in the dead of night, without any Republican support, and no one even took the time or trouble to read the 2,000 pages to see what was in it. I will admit to the world that I in fact, did read it before it was passed. I had to. At the time it was passed, I was co-hosting a radio talk show on medical issues with a physician. It became a topic that we discussed in depth, and I had to prepare for it by reading the entire damn thing. Most of it was garbage, as the world now knows, and as we discussed back then. And it turns out our greatest fears back then are coming to pass.

The CBO came out yesterday and said that Obamacare will once again miss its goal. It was supposed to enroll 21 million folks this year. CBO said it will do 13 million. The Obama administration says it’s more like 9 million. And they aren’t the folks they need to make it viable. Remember all of the talk about needing young, healthy people to sign up? That’s not happening. The sickest among us are the ones that are signing up. And those young folks with jobs that don’t qualify for subsidies are staying away. In fact, of the 13 million that are supposed to sign up this year, 11 million will qualify for federal subsidies. That’s up from 8 million last year with 9 million signups. And don’t forget that 6 million of those folks lost their coverage when Obamacare went into effect, so you can subtract them out of the total.

It also ends up that this monstrosity of a bill is costing us more than anyone will admit. Last year, the administration spent $936 Billion on Obamacare, and that was up 13% over 2014. Oh, by the way, last year the administration spent only $880 Billion on Social Security, making Obamacare the biggest boondoggle in US history. Don’t forget, when Obama touted this thing in 2009, it was only going to cost $998 Billion over 10 years! Now they’re basically spending that per year! And what happened to the cost of your insurance and my insurance? It was supposed to go down $2,500 per family, right? Wrong. I’m now paying $3,300 more per year than I was before this thing went into effect for worse coverage. And you’re getting worse coverage as well. Wait until next year when Medicare ends up cutting their services.

Simply put, it’s time to recognize this for the abortion that it is and put it out of its misery. As I have said all along, for what we are spending on this plan, you could buy the best Cadillac plan out there for every uninsured American, and still save money. Leave the rest of us to fend for ourselves; thank you…I really liked the policy my family had before this piece of crap went into effect!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!