Dems In Disarray

Before I get into today’s topic, let me just address one thing; Donald Trump not being at the Fox News debate has nothing to do with Fox News. It has nothing to do with Megyn Kelly, and it has nothing to do with how many debates are out there. It has everything to do with Donald Trump controlling the media. You wonder why there has been so much attention to the political scene and the Republicans in particular this time around. It’s Donald Trump. He’s a marketing genius. That is why he won’t show up for the debate. He doesn’t have to. He just got more ink and airtime by boycotting than he ever would have by being there.

And with that said, let’s move to today’s topic of the Democrats. They are in such disarray and are stepping all over themselves recently that it’s embarrassing. Fact of the matter is every single person in the Democrat party has one person to blame: Hillary Clinton. She is the one that wanted a “non-campaign” primary, so she could coast to victory while looking like she was working hard. She was the one that convinced Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to have so few debates and to hide them on Saturday nights and opposite NFL playoff games…only to wish now she could get more in because she’s getting beat in Iowa and New Hampshire. And she is the one that’s the cause of the latest stir with Bobo Obama saying nicer things about her (which she claims is an endorsement), and then having to meet one-on-one with Bernie Sanders to appease the masses.

The simple fact is, Hillary Clinton wanted to be coroneted queen, and she’s not going to be. If she’s going to be the nominee, and I seriously doubt that at this juncture, she’s going to have to do what every Democrat before her has done…she’s got to earn it. And it’s the one thing she doesn’t want to do. She hates bus tours through Iowa. She hates cold pizza. She wants to live the life of someone with high class trappings, while she’s really a trailer-trash floozy. And all the while people are wondering how it is that Bernie Sanders, at age 74 years old can finally be getting any traction in an otherwise average political career. Again, the answer is Hillary Clinton. Her trustworthiness and likeability is so low, even among her own party that she would have elevated an Oreo cookie to presidential status.

Hillary needs to realize that the odds of her making it to the White House for anything longer than a lunch with Obama are dwindling by the day. When she’s having this much trouble convincing her own party that she belongs, what’s going to happen with the Republicans and independents, who already know her and dislike her? How can someone so disliked turn on the charm when the first impression is that they are a liar and a cheat? Those are incredible odds to beat, and frankly, she’s not a very good politician. Even her husband, who IS a good politician (or was), would have had a hard time beating those odds.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. For me my main issue is breaking the momentum this is the risk Trump takes because he cannot shake off M Kelly I spent much of yesterday hoping trump would make a statement on the killing up in Oregon. It was an opportunity to show leadership and quit with the feud and fox news. I thought he had a golden opportunity and the drama between him and fox was more important.I personally in his place would have pitched a fit and leveled my anger directly at the Obama admin for allowing it to reach a point where somebody was killed. Right or wrong he could have stated that in a trump administration Americans taking a stand for a cause will not be murdered. Your article was great by the way. =)

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    Why am I not surprised that the Dem’s are in disarray? As much as they lie, cheat, and steal, it gets to the point the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing or saying.


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