No…I DIDN’T Watch The Debate

I have a feeling when they release the numbers of people that viewed last night’s Republican Debate (the 7th by the way), they’re going to find out that old reruns of Gilligan’s Island beat it. That’s because of two reasons. First, we all know Donald Trump wasn’t there, and Fox News has released a rather scathing admission that Trump wanted $5 million to show up and be on stage (sorry…no one is worth that!). Second, and probably more importantly, we’ve seen these guys debate six other times…well, five for Rand Paul, and so we pretty well know what they can do.

Having said that, I was busy last night…watching reruns. Not of Gilligan’s Island, but of the old Andy Griffith Show. And I went to bed rather early. I think the debate was still on. Hey…it was a long day yesterday and I was tired. And no…I don’t think I missed anything. I read some pieces on the debate, and basically they gave the “winner” mantle to Rand Paul and Jeb! Bush. Yeah…I somehow doubt that. And if they were the winners (along with Megyn Kelly), then why in hell was I watching the debate. Together they have all of 5% of the Iowans supporting them.

And yes, the other networks that were allowed to cover the Fox News debate were down the street covering Donald Trump and his side show. So, that was well worth prime-time viewing, I’m sure. Actually, I think the two episodes I watched of Andy Griffith would have been more interesting. So would have watching paint dry.

My point here is that if you haven’t been able to determine who’s good and who’s bad by watching six debates, a seventh probably isn’t going to help you much. You probably are more like the person voting in a junior high election of student council officers. But hey, not everybody is into how well people debate, I get that. The overall theme of using a debate to decide who you want to vote for is, in my humble opinion, highly over-rated. Most people score the zingers as who wins and who loses (apparently that was the criteria the reviewer I read used), while those that get into the substance and the meat of the debate, the issues, are cast aside.

I understand there were some real flops last night. Ted Cruz didn’t have Trump to play off of, Marco was flat, and Ben Carson was pretty much unintelligible. Well, if you take those three out of the equation, the rest don’t really matter anyway so the whole shebang was fluff. Let’s face it, Rand Paul, Jeb! Bush, John Kasich, and Chris Christie all have about as much chance of becoming president as I do. And that is pretty much all you need to know about the final debate before the Iowa Caucuses. Let the games begin!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “No…I DIDN’T Watch The Debate

  1. I watched Trump last night he had a decent gig going got interrupted by protesters towards the end said he raised 6 million for the vets. which he had a few there to tell their stories. I would not be surprised to see his numbers may have risen.

  2. It was amazing the night before and the time after the debate, watching Fox and particularly Megyn Kelly. The night before her comments to hype things up were so much a stage performance……she was trying to sell the program for viewers. “I am so excited I can’t wait for tomorrow night, let the fireworks begin. Then after the debate, the same……as if it were the event of the decade. Well it wasn’t the Rumble in the Jungle that’s for damn sure. Kelly was laughable the way she carried on. It was plain to see. Then some of the commentators from her show, when ask about how they thought the debate went, they purposely avoided saying Trump’s name. They would refer to him as “You know who” , “You know who not being here”! I mean geez come on, that was so grade school, below teenage stuff. Fox really showed THEIR colors.

    • And yet…I see that 12.5 million people tuned in to watch…only topped by the first GOP debate, and the Dem’s haven’t come close. I would bet that most of that were people tuning in to see if Trump actually did show up, but hey…12.5 million is more than I’ve got! Or more than Bernie has, or Hillary…etc.

  3. Actually I didn’t watch the debates for two reasons, the first is that whether Trump and his fart blowing mouth weren’t there didn’t matter as they are all a bunch of idiots I wouldn’t trust with a Super Soaker and second, an eight hour time difference.

    But let’s get some perspective on what a bunch of ignorant jerkoffs the Republicans are from over here in in France. As the Republicans howl about the Iran deal and how it is bad for America I would now agree. This is because the Ayatollah just inked a deal with Airbus for 118 commercial passenger planes over the next ten years with France. Fuck you Boeing, you just lost a big contract because the Iranians would rather do business with serious people and not a bunch of howling jackals. Gee, how many jobs did that piece of stupidity cost? How much of the earmarked “terrorist money” is going to Airbus?I guess it doesn’t make any difference because it is Obama’s fault. In my humble opinion this is an example of the party for business who drives away business.

    The Iranians are ready to spend billions of dollars on the problems I mentioned a few days ago here and how much do you think we are going to receive if the current crop of zaadbals is elected? You reap what you sow, you Christians out their who hate muslims, you have heard of this?

    • Gee…did you ever figure out WHY the Iranians are using some of the $150 Billion to buy Airbus Jets? Maybe it’s because they know the Europeans love money more than security, and won’t impose sanctions on them as long as they’re spending that type of money. It would cost the Iranians ten times that much to do the same thing in the States…maybe THAT is why they elected to go to Europe and infiltrate all the Syrian refugees that the US doesn’t want to take? Hmmm…sometimes losing business is a GOOD thing!

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