Who’s To Blame?

Everybody, probably even Hillary herself would tell you that her campaign isn’t exactly going as she originally planned. Of course, that’s because she never thought this email scandal and pursuant FBI investigation would still be going on. And, she never ever thought that Bernie Sanders would end up being a credible threat to her being nominated. Oh, he IS a credible threat, right? Well, that depends who you ask.

Rasmussen did a poll of likely to vote Democrats who basically said that the “perception” that Hillary’s campaign is in trouble is all because of….wait for it….the media. Of course, we knew that right? We’ve got to have SOMEBODY to blame other than Hillary for her perceived stumble. And of course, it’s only perceived! 69% of Democrats surveyed said that the “stumble” isn’t even there. That everything is progressing as it should and Hillary will win. That’s a huge number for someone with an FBI criminal referral hanging over their head! I mean, I understand that most Democrats are so into winning that they throw common sense out the window and call it a vast right-wing conspiracy if anybody says anything bad about the Arkansas Princess, but truth be told, it’s a friggin’ Democrat administration’s FBI that is investigating it.

Only 19% seemed to think that the stumble is based in reality, and that Hillary herself is to blame. I think my friends in the psychology world would call that being in denial. There has to be something to all of this email server scandal because if there weren’t an Obama appointed Inspector General wouldn’t be telling the congress that Hillary lied through her teeth in denying there was anything “classified” on her server. There has to be something to all of this or the FBI wouldn’t have 150 agents spending all of their time investigating this case. And even if they had that many on the case, they wouldn’t have found anything after all these months of investigating (think of the man-hours involved!), and would have said so, clearing her name!

No, the Republican Party must deal with the likes of Donald Trump and Ben Carson (at least for a little while), but that’s nothing at all compared to the crap the Democrats must swallow in order to pull the lever for Hillary. And as I believe I’ve said before on several other bloggers’ sites, I really am torn. Do I want to see Hillary cast aside like last week’s meatloaf in the primaries, never to surface again, but face the possibility of someone that can draw thousands to his rallies like Bernie Sanders? Or, do I want to see Hillary actually win the nomination, get her hopes up, only to have the GOP candidate, whomever it is, to crush her in November if the FBI doesn’t do the job for them? It’s a tough call, and one I’m torn over. I’d like to be done with her as soon as possible, but I also wouldn’t mind facing off against the candidate with the worst likeability, worst trustworthiness, worst honesty, and worst political experience of any of the Democrats. Oh, decisions, decisions!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. Good point with the stumble comment. If you’re a Democrat, regarding the email scandal “there’s no there there.” Classic deflection. So they don’t believe there can be a stumble if there was nothing for her to stumble over in the first place.

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