Of Course Obama’s Fiscal Policy Is Working!

To hear the president tell it, all is right with the world. Oh, we’ve got some problems in the Middle East, but isn’t it up to them to take care of? And yes, Crimea got taken over by Russia in basically what amounted to a bloodless invasion. And the eastern half of Ukraine is slowly going back to Russia as well in, well, a lot less bloody coup.

But our economy is just humming along. Why, since Obama took office, he’s added ten million jobs to the economy! Yes, we’ve got some work to do, but that’s only because those damned Republicans in congress don’t want to spend $6 trillion on a new public works program that would allow all of Mexico into the US as permanent unionized workers with voting rights in general elections.

The problem here is simple. Our president is delusional. He doesn’t understand that his fiscal policies aren’t working. Or, worse yet, maybe he DOES understand they’re not working, and he’s just trying to convince the rest of us…or at least the low hanging fruit…that everything is just grand. Well, it’s not grand. In fact, we’ve now gone a record ten years with economic growth in this country under 3%. That has NEVER happened. Let me repeat that. We’ve never EVER had a ten year period since they started keeping records, where our economy has grown under 3% per year. EVER.

Oh…and just so you liberals out there think I’m making this up, you can go to the Bureau of Economic Analysis and check it out. They’re the ones that released the data. And for those of you that think the BEA’s data stopped BEFORE the Great Depression, you’re wrong again. They started keeping track of this in 1929 (yeah, the year of the big stock market crash and the start of the Great Depression). If this doesn’t solidify that Bobo Obama isn’t the biggest buffoon in US history, I don’t know what does. These are not facts open to opinion or argument (though Bobo and his minions may want to), these are facts. This is truth. You don’t argue with truth…the science is in, the debate is settled. Period.

And just for you history nuts out there that are always wanting to compare…the longest stretch that our country went prior to this ten year period was from 1930 to 1934 (during the Great Depression), when it failed to hit the 3% mark. Want some more fun facts? From 2010 to 2015, our annualized growth failed to reach 2.5%! Now, how is Obama going to blame that one on George W. Bush?

The main point to take away from this is that liberalism doesn’t work. It never has. The problem with it is you always are trying to spend more money than you have. And whether you’re managing your home’s budget or a federal budget, if you do that long enough, bad things happen. We’re seeing the results of that right now. Thanks Obama!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


And John Koskinen Wants MORE Money!

I certainly understand that a country, any country needs to tax its citizens. Now, that’s not popular with the citizenry, but it’s a necessity for the country to operate. I get that. And I get that you’ve got to have some sort of taxing authority that oversees said need for taxes. I get that. In the olden days they used to have tax collectors that did the trick. In this country, we have the IRS. And still, so far, I don’t have a problem with any of it. I’m a realist, and know we need to have a taxing authority of some sort.

But the IRS has proven of the last few years that they really aren’t just a taxing authority, they’re a liberal-based money hog. They’re not this non-partisan group that is supposed to be fair and equitable. They’ve proven on several occasions that they will wield their power however they need to so they can protect their power. That’s the biggest problems anyone that wants to shrink the size of the federal government has moving forward. Bureaucrats don’t appreciate being downsized.

And it’s with that thought in mind that we come to the current commissioner of the IRS, John Koskinen. Now, he’s been under fire since he took the job because of Lois Lerner. Remember her? She’s the neo-Communist that wanted to put a halt (or most certainly slow to a crawl) granting tax-exempt status to only conservative groups applying for it. She was fine with liberal groups getting it, but had a problem with the right wing doing the same thing. That in and of itself is a violation of IRS policy, and is also against federal law. John Koskinen was hired to get the IRS through that problem. Instead, he’s stonewalled, he’s cried, he’s screamed, and he’s acted like a two year old. And when it comes time to appear before congress, the reason the IRS isn’t “fixed”, is simply because congress punished him by cutting his budget.

Well, it’s not all congress’ fault. First of all, he withheld subpoenaed documents from House and Senate committees investigating Lerner and the scandal. Second, he ran into Obamacare which made him hire 2,000 more agents so they could enforce all of us to purchase in some cases unneeded and unwanted healthcare insurance or lose our tax refunds (the IRS has no authority to fine anyone that doesn’t have healthcare…but they CAN take away your tax refund). And to show his angst, he ordered all of his customer service reps off the phones last year, making taxpayers angry. Taxpayers, by the way were angry at him…but he blamed congress.

Now, Koskinen wants more money (still), and isn’t likely to get it. That’s because it looks like there’s about 1.8 million of us hard-working taxpayers that just had our identities at least put in danger because the IRS computers were hacked. Of course, according to Koskinen, this isn’t his fault. It’s not his agency’s fault. It’s congress’ fault because they cut his budget. Never mind the fact he’s dealing with 1970’s era computers, and that they’ve been in place for years and they could have been replaced 30 years ago. No, it’s congress’ fault because the cut 10% of his budget last year for this year. Poor baby.

I’m not one that is in favor of disbanding the IRS entirely, but I think they certainly need to bring out a very sharp axe and start cutting waste. They have way too many agents doing not enough stuff (like answering consumer questions about taxes?). And John Koskinen? Well, he’s going to be polishing up his resume come next January anyway!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What’s The Deal With Guantanamo?

I fully understand when a politician wants to fulfil a campaign promise. But for the life of me, I cannot figure out why Barack Obama needs to close Guantanamo Bay. It makes no sense unless he’s actually on the side of the enemy, and I really have a hard time believing that. That by the way would be called “treason” and is punishable by death in this country. I’m not certain that Obama would go to that length to free captured prisoners during a holy war.

Most Americans want to see the prison at Guantanamo Bay open. That’s according to a poll by Rasmussen. Most Americans do not want to see the 90 some prisoners still there transferred to US soil, and most certainly do not want to see them released where they can go back to the battlefield and kill Americans.

The flip side to that is a spurious argument that Obama likes to use that really doesn’t make any sense. He says and has contended since his early 2008 campaign days, that ISIS (which wasn’t even around in 2008) uses this as a recruiting tool. The fact is that’s patently a lie. ISIS has already stated in several videos that they do NOT even mention Guantanamo Bay in any recruiting. They add that it’s not even a factor. What IS a factor is the west’s inability to follow Sharia Law and the ways of Islam. They are hell-bent to destroy whatever infidels they find that aren’t Muslim…and not just Muslim…their brand of Islam. Of course, for the conservatives out there, Obama says that it would save millions of dollars a year if we could close that prison. Let’s examine that a little further, shall we?

Let’s say you move those prisoners from Guantanamo Bay and move them to either Leavenworth in Kansas, or SuperMax in Colorado. Those are two of the thirteen places mentioned most often. The cost to house a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay is currently $800,000 a year, and let’s say there are 90 left. Quick math says it costs a total of $72 million to house them in Cuba. Plus there’s the added security that IF they were to escape…they’d be in Cuba and not the United States. None, by the way, have ever escaped in Cuba. Cost for housing a prisoner in SuperMax and Leavenworth are about $120,000 a year. That IS a savings of $680,000 per prisoner per year. However the risk of escape, while small (no one has ever escaped SuperMax), is still there. And there’s one other thing that Obama is hoping for.

Obama’s main reason for bringing these terrorists to American soil is that they would not be tried by a military tribunal as is currently the case…they’d be tried in a US Court of Law, where the odds of them getting either a lighter sentence or set free altogether would be much greater. The problem I really have with that is, these are NOT American citizens and are NOT entitled to the same freedoms you and I enjoy. They are terrorists and should be treated as such. If found guilty, they should either spend the rest of their miserable lives in the worst hell-hole in the world, or killed. THAT is something Obama just doesn’t understand because he doesn’t have the mental capacity to accept reason.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Hillary Isn’t The ONLY One With Email Problems

There’s been a ton of problems with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Forget for a minute she’s a really bad candidate. Forget for the moment she’s shrill, and bitchy. Forget for a minute that she lies to every crowd she speaks to. Her main troubles at the moment are she could very well be indicted, or at the very least referred for criminal indictment to the Justice Department over her email server and her emails. But she’s not alone.

Eric Holder, the racist former Attorney General also seems to have a problem with that particular issue.

Holder, who always liked to portray himself as holier than thou while running Justice, apparently wasn’t as holy as everyone thought. He apparently didn’t want to send emails with his real name on it, so he used an alias…Lew Alcinder. Now, if you happen to be over the age of say, 50, you probably remember Lew Alcinder as the real birth name of one Kareem Abdul Jabbar, the great center of the LA Lakers in their hey-day. It seems the racist Holder was a huge NBA fan (not surprisingly), and was an even bigger fan of the Laker great. There were over 500 pages of heavily redacted emails that were sent due to a FOIA request to see if the rumor about Holder was true.

The issue here isn’t about Holder. It’s about the entire Obama administration. It’s pretty clear that the misuse of government emails to hide someone’s true intentions or feelings have been pretty rampant. That in and of itself is disturbing, but what’s even more-so is the fact that this practice was pervasive throughout government during Obama’s tenure. He obviously communicated to someone as high up the food chain as his Attorney General, and he obviously knew of Holder’s (and Clinton’s) email issues. The fact Obama let it continue without putting his foot down says volumes about his abilities to run a branch of government. It is what we’ve thought all along. The man is not capable of leadership in any sense of the word.

Now, I’ll be the first to say that Holder and Clinton are not the only ones ever to misuse their emails. They weren’t the first to ever get caught with classified or even top secret documentation where it didn’t belong. But the mere fact that it seems to be so pervasive in this administration is alarming. Its cover-up is Nixonian in nature, and if what Nixon did was an impeachable offense (and it was…no getting around that), what Obama is doing is also impeachable. Now, the House doesn’t have the guts to impeach him during the last few months of his term…and the Senate doesn’t have the votes to convict him even if he was impeached (which makes the whole exercise a moot point). But history will show that Obama’s administration and failure as a president is unparalleled in American history. Last year, I ranked the presidents from top to bottom, and Obama fit in right at the bottom of the chain very nicely. In fact, it really wasn’t even close. His total disregard for the constitution, his inability to work with congress and to operate the Executive Branch in any semblance of a responsible manner has been clearly lacking from day one. The man is a loser. Always has been. Always will be.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Melissa Click Has A Bad Day

You remember Melissa Click, right? She’s that uber-left wing nut job who during all of those campus protests last fall was seen asking for “muscle” to help remove a student reporter who was covering a campus protest at the University of Missouri. Remember that? Video of the event went viral and Click was fired as a temporary speaker in the well-thought-of Journalism School at Mizzou. Well, she had a bad day on Thursday.

The University of Missouri fired her. Oh, it wasn’t because she was asking for “muscle” to get rid of a student reporter that was half her age and probably agreed with her with her politics. It was because she ALSO was blocking a road later during Homecoming Week, and swore at a cop that was trying to maintain traffic on that road. Let’s see…I think the term was, “While Miss Click has a right to her viewpoint, she didn’t demonstrate the policies of the University in her actions” or something similar to that. Basically, the regents at the school decided enough was enough.

And so, you have yet another liberal bounced from yet another liberal institution for being liberal. Hmm…you think that maybe there’s something wrong with the liberal mindset that forces these people to go off the rails? I think the farther we get down this road as a nation, the farther right and left we go. The swing is very evident. Twenty years ago, we’d NEVER be considering a socialist candidate for president. OK, the vast majority of us wouldn’t be. I mean, Gus Hall ran for president a million times on the Communist Party ticket back in the 70’s and 80’s…but he only got like 3,000 votes nationwide. And the socialists didn’t fare any better.

This lady’s brain is wired differently than most of America. And yes, while she has a “right to spout off her brand of garbage”, she really crosses the line. There’s something not quite right in her mind. She needs to be asking people “Do you want fries with that”, rather than poisoning the minds of America’s youth. We see that too often in teachers and professors these days. I’m not against them having a viewpoint different from my own…I think you know by now I’ll joust with anyone anytime. But I draw the line when it comes to pouring filth and garbage and radical shit (from both sides of the spectrum) into the brains of impressionable young people. That’s taking it too far.

Melissa Click got exactly what she should have received last fall. Her actions were way out of line for one that is supposed to be a highly regarded and respected member of a University faculty. She was acting more like a spoiled teenaged girl that didn’t get an invite to the popular girl’s birthday party. Melissa Click needs to find a new career, preferably one that doesn’t involve people skills. She’s proven that she really doesn’t excel in that venue.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Why #SoWhite Oscars Will Proceed

There has been a lot of bally-hoo about the Oscars this year. Apparently blacks are upset because they weren’t nominated enough. They called racism and demanded that all blacks boycott the event (even though Chris Rock is hosting it). It really hasn’t worked, and it really won’t work. Hollywood is Hollywood, and I seriously doubt that anything is going to change.

The first thing that you have to understand is, that we, as Americans enjoy going to the movies. It’s a nice pastime. But when it comes to the Oscars, those protesting are wasting their time. When 1,100 Americans were asked if the Oscars were important, only 7% said they were very important. 62% said they weren’t important at all. You wonder why these award show’s television ratings are in the toilet year after year? Nobody wants to hear overpaid stars of film, television, and song complain about something they know nothing about. I got tired of watching the Oscars years ago when everybody was complaining about one thing or another about politics. Now, they have a right to their opinion, just like I do or you do. But frankly, they don’t read my blog, and I don’t care to listen to their rants. That’s called TRUE freedom of choice!

When you have so few people interested in such a “big deal” such as the Oscars, it tells you something. They’ve lost touch with the public. There was a time a long time ago that I made it a point to watch every Oscar nominated movie for Best Picture. Then they started nominating really crappy movies that nobody ever goes to…you know the type…they’re six hours long and boring as hell. I don’t go to the movies to be bored. I go to be entertained because that’s what movies are. And lately, I don’t go to the movies at all, because there are so few of them that interest me. I’d prefer to wait until they come to Netflix or Amazon Prime.

I know that’s not the case with everybody, and I’m fine with it. I frankly don’t watch award shows because they don’t matter. Who won the Grammy for Best New Artist in 2010? How about the People’s Choice Awards for Best Comedy on TV last year? Anybody remember who got the Tony for Best Revival of a Musical with a cast of 100 or more two years ago? You get the point. We’re overloaded with award shows, and the networks love them because it’s basically free programming. Even if they don’t get a ton of audience, they can still rake in the dough because it costs nothing to air them. Try blowing up a dozen cars like NCIS: Los Angeles does every week. THAT gets expensive!

If people were interested in whether blacks were fairly represented in Hollywood, people wouldn’t go to the movies. People would be protesting. That’s not happening…because people have a LOT more to worry about in their lives than soothing the egos of black movie stars. Give me a break!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Obamacare Costing Billions More Than Thought

Who could ever argue with the thought of helping the poor and under-privileged in our country get low-cost or free healthcare insurance? Who in the world would be so callous? Who could to think that money be as cruel as is more important than the well-being of those less fortunate? Apparently suckers feel that way. Because Obamacare has become a rife stomping ground for fraud and abuse.

Not only has the legacy item of America’s worst president failed to provide those people with anything more than another bill they can’t afford, or in the worst case, a bill the American taxpayer can’t afford, apparently the system is so full of holes, and so poorly thought out that it is filled with abuse and fraud and there is no way to stop it. Welcome to liberal politics in America!

Three agencies are supposed to be checking on the waste and fraud in Obamacare. HHS run by Sylvia Burwell, DHS run by Jeh Johnson, and the IRS run by John Koskinen. Wow, there are three mental midgets if I ever saw any! One is being touted as being impeached by the Senate. One is in constant trouble for failing at his job, and one spends more time in front of a mirror fixing her hair than she does doing her job!

According to Americans Tax Reforms.org, “According to GAO analysis of CMS data, about 431,000 applications from the 2014 enrollment period, with about $1.7 billion in associated subsidies for 2014, still had unresolved inconsistencies as of April 2015—several months after close of the coverage year.”

Want more? In Minnesota, there were 100,000 individuals that didn’t qualify for the program that were enrolled in the exchange. The error rate in Minnesota alone was 50% costing taxpayers about $271 million! That’s just one state!

Report after report cites that the various data that Obamacare is supposed to be forwarding to the various agencies for review and for certification are falling woefully short of their duties. All sorts of oversight groups are getting involved and are just totally amazed with what they find. They can’t believe the fraud and abuse that is occurring with this. Of course, they were told it would happen back in 2010. They just didn’t listen!

Obamacare has always been a boondoggle that has never lived up to its hype. It’s a wealth transfer mechanism designed to give “healthcare insurance” to the poor and under-privileged, which it does, but it fails to do what really needs to happen. It needs to provide medical services to those folks. Just because you have insurance doesn’t matter if nobody accepts that insurance and their payments. That is precisely what is happening with Obamacare. And that is why it is collapsing under its own weight. It’s a bloated idea with no proper oversight that costs the American taxpayer trillions of dollars. Welcome to your legacy Mr. President!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!