State Department: Too Secret To Release!

First of all, an apology. I’m really sorry that lately the blogs have all been about Hillary Clinton, but based on the numbers of you reading them, and the amount of information that has been released over the last five days leading up to tonight’s Iowa Caucuses, Hillary may just have gotten more press this past weekend than Donald Trump…and that’s a rarity.

Second, when the State Department released a batch of emails on Friday, there were 22 of them they said they couldn’t release. That’s because they were so secret, so damning to the national security of the country, that even though they were ok to be on Hillary’s personal, unsecured private server, the rest of us would be thrown to the wolves and our eyes gouged out if we ever read them. Yeah, it was that bad! So, they decided to withhold those emails and not redact them…just withhold them (which violates the court order they are under). It also says that Hillary is not going to get through this thing anytime soon. It’s not going to go away, and if somehow she becomes the nominee, she is going to have to deal with it through the election. It’s stained her every bit as much as a blue dress stained her husband. God I love the irony of that, don’t you?

Here’s the interesting thing from this past Friday. For the first time ever, the White House, which has been really mum about the whole investigation has come out and said that Hillary had some very damning emails on her server. Now, the FBI is going to get them. Justice Department is going to get them. And Hillary and her campaign is screaming that the emails were top secret or anything close when she got them, or when she sent them. She’s continuing to claim that the Inspector General and the intelligence community keeps classifying these emails as top secret AFTER the fact. The truth here (because it IS another lie) anything that is “top secret” is “top secret” the moment it’s created. It can’t be later deemed so. Sorry Hillary, thems the rules, and you know that. It’s another classic Clinton cover-up.

The problem that Hillary is going to face long term is that she’s not only a wounded duck in this race; she’s a duck without wings. She couldn’t attempt to fly if she had to. And you know there is about 30% of the public out there that would vote for her if she stood on 5th Avenue in New York City and shot someone…just as there are about 30% of the people out there that would do the same right now for Donald Trump. I think he pretty much nailed that one. That’s where we as a society are today. I’m not saying that’s good or bad, just that it is. That’s how polarized we’ve become. And until we start employing methods to ban the insane from voting, that’s how it’s going to stay!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


One thought on “State Department: Too Secret To Release!

  1. Excellent points AND the other point is that she constantly, even after the Friday email news, complains by saying that they should make ALL her emails public to prove to all of us there is no there there. She’s too stupid to get the irony! She let classified info get exposed to our enemies, potentially putting lives at risk, because she put her own goals above national security, and THEN the intelligence community tells her that there are emails that are too dangerous to release to the public because they are so sensitive, and she says, “I don’t care how top secret they may be, I want them all released to the public so I can put this behind me once and for all.” Once again, willing to allow classified material to be compromised.

    It’s her straw argument that is a broken record in every interview. She pleads in public to have them released, knowing they CAN’T release them because of their secret content. And her supporters lap it up.

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