So, WHO Would Be The Best President?

In all the utter confusion of the primaries and who is the most popular at the moment in Iowa, New Hampshire and nationally, it seems to me that everyone is missing the big picture. The real question that should be asked is, “Who would make the best president?” See, this is exactly the Junior High School Student Council Election mentality that gave us Barack Obama. He was the most popular, but he wasn’t the best qualified and certainly didn’t make the best president.

So, let’s take a quick look at that, shall we? Donald Trump SAYS he would be bold, decisive and quick to change the screw ups of Obama, which are many. While that resonates pretty well with the right, and a lot of the middle, is it a good thing? The one thing I’ve learned about politics over the years is you don’t make massive changes quickly. That’s what Obama did, and that didn’t work out. Of course, it didn’t help that his ideas were dog shit either, but you get my gist. Trump, in my opinion, would be ok. Not great, but ok. I’d put him in there with maybe someone like a George W. Bush or a George HW Bush. He won’t win a spot on money, but he’s better than Carter or Obama.

Rubio is rather inexperienced at executive leadership. Yes, he ran the state house in Florida for a time, but that’s been it for his leadership experience. And being president is all about leadership. He has some good ideas, and he has some muddled ideas. Overall, another Bush type president.

Cruz is a firebrand. Firebrands typically don’t do well as president. While I agree with a lot of Cruz’ positions, I don’t like the way he goes about things. He doesn’t have many friends in DC, and if you can’t work across the aisle, and you can’t lead your own party, then you’re not going to get a lot done. He has one major endorsement so far and that is his own former governor, Rick Perry. In my eyes, he doesn’t have leadership either, and would be another Carter/Obama.

That’s pretty much it on the GOP side. Now let’s look at the Democrats. You’ve basically got two since Martin O’Malley is just filler…kinda like cereal in dog food. So let’s forget about him. You’ve got Bernie Sanders. Sanders is full of ideas. But these are ideas that would a) bankrupt the country, and b) start a revolution among the wealthy. That’s one group that you don’t want to piss off. They have the resources and the ability to be very fluid, not only with their capital, but with their locations as well. I have a feeling a Bernie Sanders presidency would bring about catastrophic change to the country. We don’t need another socialist. We’ve had one for the past seven years and we see where that has brought us.

That leaves Hillary Clinton. Hillary is a strong woman with wishy-washy ideas. She’s not a strong leader, having failed at everything she’s tried to lead. Her ideas are all over the board. She’s a hawk when it comes to the military, maybe too much of a hawk for most Americans, and yet very soft on a lot of things. Hillary’s problems are a) you can’t trust her and b) she lies and will say anything to get what she wants. Neither is the sign of a good leader. Both are signs of another Barack Obama, and the country can’t afford that.

So, the end analysis, I’m really afraid is the lesser of two evils. While the three top contenders in the GOP have good strengths, they all have some glaring weaknesses. The Democrats have a couple of strengths, but leaving popularity out of the equation, the fall way short of the mark of a good president. And yes…for the libs out there, we’ve had a few good Democrats as president. I think the last one quite honestly was Harry Truman.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “So, WHO Would Be The Best President?

  1. You didn’t answer your question…… You gave the plus and minus summary on each but never gave an final answer. Based on you analysis, if you choose from the select group, Trump had the most potential. That is where it sounded like you were leaning. You just didn’t commit. Still waiting to see something different from these candidates? I think Hillary and Bernie are no brainers for a big NO! Hillary should be in jail…..Bernie leaves me with no Social Security to draw. A Jewish socialist Democrat. How dangerous is that?

    • Ah…you’re a smart one! I guess the answer I wanted to come up with was, “We are facing once again, the lesser of two evils. There is no BEST president in this race. And to be honest, while I’m starting to lean to Marco Rubio, I still haven’t made up my mind. Too many questions still linger about the entire field!

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