Why Democrats Can’t Rule

Yeah, I know…there’s this big myth out there that we Americans swing back and forth between the Democrats and the Republicans because we feel that we need balance. Actually that has nothing to do with it. What in essence is happening is that we see that one side is terrible when it comes to implementing their policy, and the other side just has bad ideas. So we try one for a while, realize that they may have good ideas, but suck at leadership, and then we switch to what we perceive as strong leadership, but they have lousy ideas. What in hell is going on?

If you doubt what I say, take a look around the country. You have Democrats leading a lot of large cities, in fact, most of them. They take control of those cities because they promise the people living in them all sorts of things. But in the end analysis the same thing happens whether you’re talking about New York, Chicago, Detroit or Los Angeles…they run out of money trying to make it an ideal government-led paradise. It just can’t happen. Take Chicago for instance. Why is it that the “Godfather”, Rahm Emanuel is suffering through his lowest approval ratings since he took office? Is it the nation’s highest murder rate? Is it the failing schools? Is it the high taxes, and the fact that you can’t legally own a gun in the city? Is it the fact that the ideas are just wacko? Or maybe is it all of it combined?

Look at Detroit. That’s another city that has been Democrat led for decades. It’s imploded because of massive debt. The city is requiring all sorts of cost cutting move that Republicans would have done years ago, just to get out of bankruptcy. Street repairs, social services, pretty much anything you would expect a city government to do have been curtailed. In fact, it’s so bad in Detroit, until very recently, they were actually giving away houses if you would move into one and rehab it yourself. Some people bit and took them up on the offer, but others didn’t want anything to do with it.

You can look at Los Angeles, New York, and other big cities where Democrats have run the place for decades and see the same results. There’s blight and high unemployment and low hope everywhere you look. Oh, they get by… but they do it by raising taxes, they do it by corruption, and they do it by convincing their voters that they have the solution. They have no solution. They only are in it for the power.

On the other hand you have Republican led cities that don’t seem to have as many of the problems, but they have one. They usually lack leadership. The GOP folks are great at cutting the size of government, of keeping taxes lower, and of making sure the private sector picks up the slack. But they lack the ability to actually lead. And that is why over time people leave the GOP for Democrats. They fall for the old Ponzi scheme that Democrats will give you free healthcare, and free college tuition, and free child care. They’ll take care of you cradle to grave if you let them. They know better than you how to run your life and how to run your family’s life. The problem is they don’t. Oh, they’ll tell you they can create jobs. They’ll tell you they can improve the economy, but to them the answer is always more and bigger government. More and bigger bailouts for their union buddies and their cronies. In the end, their constituents say what is going to happen later on this year; “We have seen enough of corrupt policies and lies. It’s time to tighten the belt.” And it will be that way for four years, maybe eight, until we buy into the promise of “free” once again.

Yes…history does repeat itself. And we are condemned to go down the same path we have gone down before…we just expect a different outcome this time. And isn’t that the actual definition of insanity?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!