Obama Calls For Religious Freedom

So Bobo Obama goes to a Baltimore Mosque on Wednesday to tell them that when any portion of America is not treated fairly our fabric is torn and needs to be mended. Basically saying that Islam in America is getting a bum rap. Of course, he just happened to choose a Mosque that has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. That didn’t help.

It also doesn’t help that while speaking at a mosque, he mentions that those folks are due religious freedom. I found that comment particularly disturbing. This is coming from a guy that actively fights against religions that proclaim abortion to be wrong….fights against religions that proclaim birth control to be an affront to women, and rails against religions that are fundamentalist Christian in nature. Yes, Barack Obama is all for religious freedom for everyone except Christians. Unless they believe like he believes.

You know me as someone that calls it the way I sees it. If a conservative screws up, I nail ’em to a tree. And if a liberal screws up, they get the same treatment. Of course, the liberals typically screw up more because they are just plain wrong more often. This is a shining case. You can’t proclaim religious freedom for one group, and not every group. You cannot go out of your way to try and heal the “fabric of America” and bring everyone together, when you are blasting the largest church in the country. And you’re doing it not because they are an affront to your religious beliefs, but because they disagree fundamentally with your political beliefs. That is just wrong. Religious beliefs take priority over political beliefs every single time. Show me in the constitution where it gives political belief any mention what-so-ever? It’s not there. Religous freedom is. It’s called the frst amendment, and it covers all religions. Not just ones you happen to agree with, or ones you happen to not have a problem with politically.

Barack Obama, once again is wrong. In fact, he should know better, because he proclaims to be a constitutional scholar and professor. He must have done as great a disservice to the students he taught as he has to the country he was supposed to have served. Overall, my hunch is he has been a loser his entire life.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “Obama Calls For Religious Freedom

  1. I agree with you Get on with it I wrote directly to the Trump campaign today and told them I did not like hearing he was considering filing a suit Iowa is over get over it I wrote that his comments were something I would expect from a liberal. My opinion of Trump is he is much like a child who has never been denied anything and the Iowa loss will stick with him like the feud with Fox news.

  2. Well Desert, as I travel through the land of mackerel snappers and contemplate this religious freedom bullshit that basically Christians are peddling as it seems everything a secular society does is an affront to their religious freedom, like that dumb slut in Kain-Tuck -Ee and her equally worthless piece of shit son sucking off the taxpayer tit with her husband that looks like a fugitive from Deliverance.

    Let’s see what pisses off Christians, especially the fundamentalists, no prayer in public schools (go to your fucking churches and pray), same sex marriage (how does this affect your marriage, I have never heard a response to ths other than it somehow pisses off your invisible friend, with no actual proof of course?), abortion (when I want you and your dumb shit friends looking up my Significant Other’s twat, I’ll call you, meantime she has a right to privacy), Planned Parenthood (why are you against planning when to have children or does your invisible cloud being tell you to just pop them out?), Muslims (I guess because they are those people and they are all murders, like Christians with their guns), the alleged War on Christmas (what war, where and how many casualties?). This is a sampling off the top of my head.

    The point is that Muslims have been shit on by the Right Wing with the clown patrol from Fucked News leading the charge. The more highly illiterate bunch of idiots populating this country have been throwing pig heads and bacon at mosques. Where are the Bible thumpers crying out against this, hell where are the Republican candidates on this? MIA, big time. What would happen if I continually picketed any local church on a public sidewalk carrying a sign that said cannibalism and blood drinking done here? A shit storm I would imagine including physical violence. Even you Desert are blowing the dog whistle by mentioning the Muslim Brotherhood, probably without knowing shit about them. But that how the Conservatives operate.

    But a closing thought, as my friend and I have toured many a cathedral and museums I think about Marco Rubio and that ridiculous comment about art history majors and welders. That little twit should walk through the Pitti Palace in Florence (home to the Medici family and basebol was berry berry good to them) and look at the art, sculptures, frescoes and have a welder explain the significance of each to him, or even heraldry (my latest passion along with stained glass windows). Art history majors are important because they can explain and educate us as to the culture of Western Civilization. I was pleased to see many art students from all over the world learning in Paris, Brussels, Avignon, Carcassonne, Florence so far. I was lucky enough to talk with some and enlighten them from my historical background and theirs in art history. As the Dude said in the Big Lebowski, we kind of tied the room together.

    On to Milan and hoping to score a couple of AC Milan tickets for Sunday.

    Boogie on world and try the Chanti Classico from Antinori, out-fucking-standing.

    • Geez…it sounds like somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed today! Well, not to try and write more than you did (your response was actually longer than my blog), but to answer a few of your more salient points (and there weren’t many…)

      What pisses off Christians? Very little actually. We actually ARE pretty tolerant of other religions and other people’s rights. What we aren’t tolerant about is murder (that would apply to extreme Islamic terrorists) because believe it or not, we do believe it’s wrong to take someone else’s life. I bet you probably feel the same way. Second, our belief in the Bible tells us that homosexuality is wrong. See, the thing you don’t understand Snark, is that the parts don’t fit together, they never have. It doesn’t work. And if you’re telling me there’s nothing wrong with it, I’m sure you don’t also see anything wrong with man/boy love, or sex with a pig, or a cow, or a dog, right? I mean, hey, I’m invading in someone else’s pleasure, right?

      Yeah, I do have a problem with abortion…with a relatively good reason. See murder up above? You say you want to protect the privacy of the woman, and that’s fine…but you’re forgetting about someone else in the equation. Who is speaking for the child she is carrying? Planned Parenthood? I don’t think so. Speaking of Planned Parenthood, there is another issue there. If I try to sell my kidney to pay the rent or to feed my kids, it’s illegal (yup…check it out). If Planned Parenthood sells fetal body parts to make a profit (which they’ve admitted to), that’s ok? Where is the consistency? And you know, I’m all about consistency!

      As far as Muslims are concerned, I don’t have a problem with them as long as they don’t have a problem with me. Unfortunately, their Koran DOES have a problem with me (read it…you’ll find it interesting). And that is the problem I have with that “religion”. Any religion that professes to want to kill all the infidels isn’t a religion. It’s a cult, no better than Charles Manson or the Branch Davidians.

      I’m surprised you went into a cathedral. I know there are several beautiful ones in Europe…but answer me this… did you have to wear garlic and sunglasses when you went in?

      At least you’ve chosen a good soccer team to watch. And a good wine to drink, so you’re not a total loss of humanity!

  3. Desert, the difference between you and me is that I understand that we live in a secular society and that rings with it leaving your religion at the door. I am talking the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. While your bronze age story book talks about homosexuality, it must be put in the context of the times, i.e., small populations. Of course if you wanted to be true to your dusty stories you wouldn’t each shellfish, swine, mix fabrics and some of the other silliness contained therein. But it seems as times change, some of that falls by the wayside. If you believe, and I really think you do, that man is created in god’s image, then gay people are in fact part of god’s people. Still, how does same sex marriage affect yours, it doesn’t, so stop whining and that goes for the man boy love thing that El Rushbo, he of drug addiction, tons of Viagra and condoms from a Dominican Republic visit (what was that about?) brings up more than his dinner at a taco/nacho blowout. It is a red herring and you know it.

    Abortion, been around for millennia and until the Christian Right latched on to the zygote protection bills and other Christian Shira law shit they try to shove down our throats, I really get sick of this nonsense. I wouldn’t call Christians the most tolerant people around and from my extensive experience, Christians are the most intolerant people around. Just tell one you are an atheist and see what happens, they try to convert you. I don’t try to convert them.
    Planned Parenthood, are you still plugged into that selling body part thing that has been totally discredited? Talk about proving my dog whistle statement. I really thought you were smarter than that or did you watch the video with Carly Fiorina?

    My visiting cathedrals is more than being inside a church, it is part of Western Civilization, for better or worse. It is architecture (Notre Dame vs. St. Chappelle), Works of the great masters, Caravaggio, Raphael, Michelangelo (noted gay dude), Reubens, etc., sculpture, tombs, heraldry, etc. Basically the story of our lives. You don’t have to be religious to enjoy this.

    Muslims and the Koran, there is a difference of opinion as to this killing thing. Trouble is, right wing bozos latch on to the infidel thing just like Christians latch on to something in the Bible that they twist to their own end, like the Branch Davidians which was one bunch of twisted fucks.

    The bottom line is that we will agree to disagree. You think that while I am educated, or at least well read, I am probably going to burn in your imaginary hot spot and I think that there is no difference between the invisible cloud being of today than that of the humans 500,000 years ago.

    Cathedral in Albi, visit in about five years and you will not disappointed. Also read about the Cathars and get a flavor of that Christian tolerance which works into the cathedral.

    That’s it and when in Florence, eat at Trattoria Enzo e Pietro, try the cold octopus salad. It’s to die for.

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