I’m Surprised They Did It Last Night!

It’s utterly amazing. Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the Shirley Temple wannabe with the frizzy hair and the nasty mouth actually came up with a debate that wasn’t up against Saturday Night Live, or the NFL Playoffs! I couldn’t believe that she’d actually sign off on something that was during the week, and not scheduled against Home Shopping Network’s 3am “Bargain Show”. Will wonders never cease?

Actually, the debate was pretty lackluster. Hillary was blathering as usual about how Bernie Sanders doesn’t understand gun control (THAT will play real well in New Hampshire, won’t it?), and what the definition of a “progressive” is. Bernie stuck to his guns on her speaking fees, which we will get into in a minute, and the fact that she’s got big friends on Wall Street. The debate was a nice back and forth, which it really has been all season with the Dems since Martin O’Malley added little to any of the debates in the first place. And the moderators didn’t step on themselves, which was nice for a change. Usually, the GOP debates are so damn crowded that you have the moderators using the Chris Wallace over-used line, “We’re just about out of time…” or “We have to move on…” (Here’s a fun drinking game to play on a Sunday morning if you’re so inclined. Tape Fox News Sunday, and every time Wallace makes mention of the word “time” take a drink. Have a friend there to record the time you pass out. Or you can DVR the show and play it back later in the day if you’re not into vodka at 8am.

But I digress. I’m amazed that the Democrats didn’t schedule this debate up against the Super Bowl on Sunday. It’s really funny to watch and see how things change when Hillary decides she NEEDS a debate to help her in the polls rather than try to hide behind whatever perceived lead she has. And that’s just the gist of this whole piece. It’s all about Hillary, even when she’s dead ass even and really behind Sanders at this point because he’s going to swamp her in New Hampshire. Yes, she’s got a 29 point lead in South Carolina, and yes, she’ll probably do well in Nevada and on Super Tuesday, at least according to the pundits. And truth be told, I’d much rather run against Hillary than Sanders in a general election. She’s totally unelectable, even though everyone calls HIM unelectable. I seriously doubt when up against the best GOP candidate (who so far hasn’t been chosen), they would come close to winning. Maybe that’s why they decided to give Hillary “her turn” now?

Back to the speaking fee debacle…Hillary mentioned that Goldman Sachs said that they were willing to pay her the $675,000 fee. Actually, that was a negotiated fee between GS and Hillary’s agent. That’s the way that stuff works. But frankly, I don’t blame her one bit for making money through speaking fees. If there are companies out there that are dumb enough to want to pay that kind of money to hear her blather on about stuff nobody really cares about, then she’s certainly entitled to take it. And as long as she reports it as income and pays taxes on it, I’m all for it. I’m for anyone getting as much money as they can legally, and speaking in front of a group of people for pay is legal. It isn’t an issue, and shouldn’t be. Are the same people screaming when an athlete gets paid $10 million a year to throw a football? I don’t blame the athlete in that case; I blame the owner that’s dumb enough to pay him!
Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “I’m Surprised They Did It Last Night!

  1. My question is, Did Goldman Sachs pay the Clinton Foundation or pay Hillary, there is a difference, the foundation being, not for profit? Hillary, Bill and Chelsea are the biggest receivers of charitable donations, that end up in their pockets. “We’re broke………” What island country was it that had the earthquake a couple years back? Bill and Hillary were everywhere, where there was a camera………promising, promising, promising. The victims later saw very little of the Clinton Foundation assistance.

    • Goldman Sachs paid Hillary. I think they also contributed heavily to the foundation, but the $675,000 that Hillary was asked about came to her from Goldman for speaking fees.

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