What’s Changed?

Heading into the New Hampshire Primary on Tuesday, I think a lot has changed, at least in my mind over the past week. Ted Cruz has become a media darling and people are listening to him more than they did before because he’s actually won something. Marco Rubio has become the “establishment” candidate because of his strong third place finish; and Donald Trump has turned a lot of people off with his incessant crying over losing Iowa.

I’m going to leave the Dems out of this one because nothing has really changed except for the fact Hillary has proven once again what I’ve said all along. She’s not a politician and makes a LOT of mistakes on the campaign trail. Anyone that can blow a 50 point lead in six months simply by showing up and talking doesn’t deserve a nomination, but in a way, I hope she gets it. She’ll be an easier candidate to defeat in November.

Ted Cruz’ win in Iowa was surprising to a lot of people. The media aren’t sure how to take it because they don’t like Cruz, like they don’t like Trump. Oh, Trump gets them a ton of ratings, but they still don’t like him. They love Rubio because he’s young, energetic, Cuban, and has a nice looking wife. He says the right things, and compared to Clinton he has a squeaky clean record. But Cruz rubs a lot of people the wrong way. He’s brash, he takes no prisoners as he’s shown in the Senate, and that isn’t necessarily someone that is going to be a strong leader.

Trump on the other hand likes to brag about being a strong leader and a great deal maker. The only people I’ve ever heard talk about Trump’s deal making ability, is Donald Trump. He’s a great sales person of himself. And that gets you far. It reminds me of a guy I work with in radio a long time ago. He worked at a competing radio station, went off to a bigger market, and talked his way into a plumb job. In fact, I think he’s still there, which IS a tribute to him because he had to ultimately replace a legend. But as a personality, he wasn’t much. He was a decent interviewer, but that was about it. Trump is much the same. He is a great salesman when the product is Trump. But lately he’s been crying a little too much. And it turns me off. I was really starting to come around and like the guy, but I’m turning away from him now. Leadership isn’t about “my way or the highway”, and we’ve seen that with Obama. I’m looking for a guy (or gal) that IS a leader. And Trump’s catch-phrase after all is “You’re fired!” That is not the mark of a good leader.

Marco meanwhile is calm, collected, is saying the right things and isn’t really attacking anybody directly. He’s saying that Ted Cruz is under a lot of “stress” on the campaign and probably doesn’t mean what he says. That’s a smart way of saying the guy is nuts. Again, he’s showing the calm, presidential leadership abilities that I look for. I’m not saying I’m there yet with him because I’m not there yet with anybody yet, but he’s saying the right things. Let’s see how he handles the pressure. He needs to finish second in New Hampshire on Tuesday and wants to win in South Carolina. If he does those things, I’d say the path to the nomination is his to lose.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. The mark of a politician at election time is ‘Say all the right things, whether you mean them or not, as long as the electorate believes you, be convincing even when you know its bullshit.’. Just get elected baby…….no matter what it takes. I think that’s Rubio, I don’t trust him. Frankly, and I don’t want to sound pessimistic, I don’t trust any of them. Carson is too honest, and I think that makes him naive.

    • While I’d agree with your assessment on Carson, I’m not quite ready to dump Rubio yet. He has some decent ideas. I just want to see him follow through with things first.

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