Dems Are Worried

It seems that the Democrats as a party are as worried about their chances of winning the White House in November as the Republicans are that Donald Trump will be the nominee. Though after his rather poorer than expected showing in Iowa this past week, I think GOP mainstreamers are breathing a little easier. That isn’t the case on the Democrats side, where Hillary Clinton, once thought to be on course for a “coronation”, has now lost a 30 point national lead to Bernie Sanders…and done so in less than two months.

I can understand the Democrats frustration. Hillary though, as we all realized early on, is no politician. She doesn’t have her husband’s skill at winning over a crowd. She’s not likeable. She’s not trustworthy. She’s not truthful. And don’t think all of those things don’t add up. But she’s also not exciting. She goes through the motions of trying to fire up a crowd, but never really achieves it. And when she does really try to fire up the crowd, she screams at them. Not something a true public speaker would do. That’s one of the first things you learn early on in public speaking. If you REALLY want to get a point across, you lower your voice, you don’t raise it!

So, the Dems are frustrated and worried that they are going to lose the White House if Bernie Sanders ends up winning the nomination, and they’re worried and frustrated that they’re going to lose the White House if Hillary ends up winning the nomination. Sanders, they say, being a socialist, can’t win against a Republican. Hillary, they say, being a liar, and indictable with her email scandal, can’t win against a Republican. So what to do?

Call in Joe Biden to save the day.

I’ve long ago said that Joe Biden was going to be the angel that tries to save the day for the Democrats in this election. He said he regrets the decision he made back in October to sit out the race, but said a few weeks ago that it was the right decision. Now Bill Bartman, a prominent Democrat donor has emailed dozens of his closest friends and allies asking them to PLEASE convince Joe Biden to run and save this election. And those that got the email are agreeing with him.

Isn’t if funny that just a few scant years ago, Joe Biden, while running for president himself, had to drop out of the race after it was discovered he’d been guilty of plagiarizing? Isn’t it funny, that the guy with the terminal foot-in-mouth disease is going to be the guy out of everybody in the party to “come to the rescue” like a white knight on a steed? Somehow, I just can’t see it happening. Are the Democrats so screwed up as a party that they have left their bench get this short this quickly? Are you telling me it’s Hillary or Joe and there’s nobody else?

I guess if I were Bill Bartman and that realization hit me, I’d be worried too. But most of all, I think I’d be saving my money until 2020!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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