Hillary’s Campaign Turmoil

The rumor spread around the country like wildfire. And of course, as it has with every candidate that ever encountered it, that rumor was met with total and complete denial. Hillary Clinton’s campaign was about to go through a reorganization because of their lagging poll numbers and the fact Bill and Hillary were convinced they weren’t getting their message out.

And the little secret behind this whole thing is, like every other campaign that has gone through the nasty rumor of reorganization, which of course is code word for “Fail”, is that it’s true. Now, Politico had reported that the Clinton’s were going to re-examine their campaign after Nevada. They’d wait until they had some numbers in from states they should do well in, as well as at least one they were going to lose. But after Iowa’s squeaker, and the shellacking that Hillary is taking in New Hampshire, they’ve decided to move it up a bit.

Campaigns that are humming along doing just great don’t change personnel. They don’t change strategy. They continue on without making changes for one simple reason. When you hit on something that works, you don’t change it. That would be lunacy. Only campaigns that are faltering, failing, losing are the ones that change things up. Jeb! Bush has changed things up; so has Ben Carson. But you don’t see Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, or Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders changing anything do you? Of course not! They are doing well.

But as David Axelrod has been tweeting, the Clinton’s can fire everyone on their campaign. They have a different sort of problem. The problem is Bill and Hillary Clinton. After being out of the limelight for 25 years (actually 27), they’ve become irrelevant. They’ve become out of touch with America. They no longer can go into a diner in Iowa or New Hampshire and understand the people that they are talking to. They live in mansions, they fly in private jets. They don’t go to the grocery stores, and they don’t struggle to make ends meet. In other words, they are not normal, everyday Americans. And people do resent that. They also need to combat the problem that Hillary Clinton is a poor candidate.

Here’s what I mean by that last sentence. Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail is stiff. She’s stilted. She’s screechy. She yells when she tries to fire up the crowd, and it’s not a pleasing yell. She’s not a likeable person to begin with. That’s a factor of her character traits. She’s not going to change that. Bernie Sanders looks like he’s having fun on the campaign trail, and Hillary looks like she’s about to walk into the dentist office. You don’t think voters can pick up on that?

No, Bill and Hillary can fire everybody on their staff, or add more staff and it won’t matter a bit. As much as I dislike David Axelrod, he’s exactly right. The problem with the Clinton campaign is Bill and Hillary Clinton. And they aren’t about to change that!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Hillary’s Campaign Turmoil

  1. It does not help she stands buy and smiles as a couple old bats shame young women for supporting Sanders. You can’t be a champion for women and allow them to be shamed, well she can but it just shows her double standards and magnifies just how out of touch she actually is.

    • The funny thing is, 90% of the people voting for Sanders weren’t even alive when Madeline Albright was Sec’y of State! And most don’t know Hillary’s past and yet they still don’t want to vote for her!!

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