New Hampshire’s Over…So Is…Part 2

In part one (if you haven’t read it, please do) of our “It’s Over” series today, we talked about the GOP candidates who did so poorly in the presidential chase in New Hampshire that they need to drop out. Now, I’m not stupid. I’m fully aware of the fact that neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton are going to drop out of the presidential race because she lost New Hampshire. And while it may not be over, there are buzzards circling. Comeback kid? Nope…Hillary is not Bill, in fact, Bill isn’t Bill anymore.

If you missed the final results last night, Bernie Sanders ended up beating Hillary in a landslide. It was 28 points, and every pundit out there said if it were greater than 10, it would be trouble for Hillary. It’s real trouble. Now, they go to Nevada next and then to South Carolina (the Democrats have a slightly different schedule than the GOP). Bernie won’t do as well when they get to South Carolina…but it may not matter by that point. Hillary’s campaign is in free fall. She conceded in New Hampshire at 8:02pm. The polls closed at 8pm. That is a signal that not all is well. Granted it was one state, one in which Bernie happens to live next door, but it’s also a state where ten months ago, Hillary led Bernie by 60%. She didn’t HAVE 60%; she LED by 60% (like 80-20). And she got shellacked by 28%.

Hillary’s problem, and there are many, but her main problem is she has no message. She can’t answer the question, “Why are you running?” because if she answers that truthfully (yeah…I get the irony of that statement), the answer becomes, “I want to be the first woman president”. That isn’t going to fly. Bernie Sanders has a concise, well-thought out liberal message that is resonating with the Democrat left. Hillary doesn’t. Bernie, even though he looks like a curmudgeon, is loving the attention, loving the crowds, and is playing to them. He’s the Andy Rooney of the Democrats. Hillary looks like she has been sentenced by a judge to appear at a campaign rally…let’s just get it over with. It’s no surprise she doesn’t like campaigning, and doesn’t like crowds. At least she doesn’t have to worry about the second part of that…she’s not drawing crowds. And it’s going to be very interesting to see after Nevada if Bernie can win over the blacks in the south. He’s having breakfast this morning in New York with Al Sharpton. What do you think happens to Hillary’s lead in the south if Sharpton starts campaigning for Sanders?

We haven’t even brought up the pending criminal referral. What happens if that hits during the primary season? Or worse, what if Hillary is somehow able to capture the nomination and is indicted? It’d be Dead Woman Walking all over again.

No, Hillary is in a world of hurt. And as David Axelrod said, it’s not something that Robbie Mook has brought on. It’s not something that her staffers have brought on. Her failure to communicate, excite, and win have been brought on by Bill and Hillary Clinton. Somehow I don’t think her ego lets her fire those two!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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