Sorry…Hillary Was Wrong…

It appears that the former Secretary of State and current Democrat candidate for president, Hillary Clinton was actually factually in error when she said at their last debate/town hall meeting that the FBI’s investigation into her use of a private email server was nothing more than a “security scan”.

The FBI has sent a letter that was dated February 2nd, and filed in court on Monday of this week that in actuality, and factually, they are indeed looking into a criminal investigation regarding the use of Hillary Clinton’s email server. It’s not a security scan, it’s not normal procedure. Though they declined to name specific targets because the FBI just doesn’t do that in their investigations, it basically confirmed the worst kept secret in politics; Hillary Clinton is being investigated for criminal actions.

Now, that’s bad news for Hillary, and to be honest, the FBI wrote the letter long before last week’s town hall meeting in New Hampshire. And the fact that she once again lied to the American public about the real intent of what was going on isn’t an issue…nor was it the reason the FBI responded. The State Department basically went to a federal judge asking that he tell the FBI to give them some indication as to what they were up to. This was the response to that request. It was vague, and in all fairness, it did not implicate Hillary Clinton or any of her aides in any wrong-doing. That would not be prudent in the eyes of the FBI.

But what this once again does is prove beyond a shadow of a doubt one of two things. Either Hillary Clinton is totally in the dark as to why the FBI is doing an investigation in the first place, and she’d have to be the dumbest person on the planet in order for that to be the case…and I don’t believe her to be the dumbest person on the planet. Or, she’s lying to the American public again, hoping to sway enough Democrat voters from bolting to Bernie Sanders’ side during the Democrat primary. That seems in my addled view of the world to be much more likely. I mean, it fits the Clinton playbook to a tee. You deny until you can no longer deny, and then you come up with a story that is so mundane, so innocent, like how could I ever be involved in something shady? I’m a Clinton! Unfortunately, something tells me the country DID wise up after 2000 when they left office. Oh, the Democrats out there still love him, and he IS their Ronald Reagan…I mean who are they going to choose? Barack Obama? Jimmy Carter? C’mon. Let’s be real here!

My feeling is Hillary’s entire campaign is built on a house of cards that could collapse regardless if she gets indicted or not. The court of public opinion is much stronger than a court of law in this case. They may have found OJ Simpson innocent of murder all those years ago, but does anyone in America actually believe it? No, the house of cards will tumble harmlessly to the ground if Hillary gets referred to the Justice Department for indictment. Oh, that doesn’t mean she’ll quit the race. But it means she won’t win…especially if she’s the nominee.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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