And Another One Bites The Dust (times 2)

Well, you knew it had to happen. Just a day after the New Hampshire primary after she told Bret Baier that she was going all the way to Cleveland, Carly Fiorina suspended her campaign for president. Of course, she could be telling the truth. I hear Cleveland is lovely in July. Actually, wait. I’ve been to Cleveland in July several times. Forget I said that. Cleveland is Cleveland 12 months of the year.

As we were just getting over the shock of the only true woman in the race (oh, come ON…you’re NOT going there are you?), we get further word that Chris Christie was going home to New Jersey and not going to South Carolina. He had decided that enough was enough and hadn’t figured out how to win a presidential primary with only 8% of the vote. For Chris, who didn’t make foolish statements about going all the way, it made sense. His showing in New Hampshire was a disappointment I’m sure. I mean, there are several others that need to follow suit. Like Jim Gilmore. Yup. I bet you forgot about the former Virginia Governor, didn’t you? He’s still there, plugging away. So far, in one primary and one caucus, he’s received two dog bites and one vote.

This is just the winnowing process that we are going to be going through for the next couple of weeks. Don’t expect South Carolina to be any different. What I WOULD expect in South Carolina is for John Kasich to make the long flight back to Columbus and call it quits. I mean, he spent all of his time and money in New Hampshire. He did well, but now he’s got to do well everywhere else. He doesn’t get six months to spend in each state. It doesn’t work like that!

Right now on the GOP side, you’ve got Trump, Cruz, Rubio, and Bush as your top four. Kasich will hang around for another week or two. And then you’ve got Ben Carson who said he’s waiting for a message from God to tell him when to get out…Ben…I’m a religious man, but I think you got your message in New Hampshire. Just look at the vote count! God was trying to tell you something, and so were the good people of New Hampshire!

My hunch is that Kasich and Gilmore will be gone after South Carolina. That leaves five candidates to head out west to Nevada. Trump is cruising in South Carolina, but there hasn’t been a poll taken recently. He’s also way up in Nevada, and I can’t imagine anyone beating him there…Las Vegas IS Nevada, and it’s his town. So, by Super Tuesday, Trump wins three of the four states already contested. Is there any stopping him at that point? Only if he stumbles big time in one of the debates. I don’t see that happening. He’s playing defense in debates, as he should.

Overall, the field is coming down to two lanes…Trump and whomever will go up against him be it Rubio or Cruz. I don’t think Jeb! has it in him to finish the race, and so it’s really just a three horse race.

Of course, I could be wrong. You know, I’ve been wrong once or twice before!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “And Another One Bites The Dust (times 2)

  1. Kasich was counting on a wave of big donors coming through after New Hampshire…….not happening. For someone that constantly brags about balancing budgets, he doesn’t add votes very well. Trump more than doubled down or should say up on him. That’s what they count on money coming in after an okay showing, to carry them on. We don’t really know how well Jeb will do in SC, Jeb is not his father, his brother or his mother for that matter. I really don’t see SC clinging to another Bush, one that has been insignificant thus far. Rubio is just trying to keep anyone from running away with it, he is hoping for a steal, a real steal at the convention.

    • I would agree 100% with Kasich. You can’t put your eggs in one basket in a presidential primary and win. Also, I don’t see Bush doing that well…but he has the cash to continue. So does Rubio and Cruz. Another Trump win on the way, and the rest of the field (Kasich included) bows out!

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