What SHOULD Happen To Hillary

I’m not the least bit sure it WILL happen, but here’s what should be happening to Hillary if indeed Obama wants to get out of this mess with some semblance of a legacy intact.

First of all, we’re going to have to assume that the FBI actually has enough evidence of wrong doing to refer Hillary to the Justice Department for criminal indictment. As soon as that happens, Obama finds himself in a quandary and has several options. He could deny the request, which won’t sit well with either Republicans nor the Independents that Hillary would need to get elected. He could go through with the request, which in essence ends her campaign. Or he could do the smart move, which would be to instruct Loretta Lynch to appoint a special prosecutor to oversee the decision, removing him and his attorney general from the process.

By going that third route, Obama wipes his hands of the whole mess. He isn’t going to come out and immediately pardon her because she hasn’t been found guilty of anything yet, and a trial isn’t going to be wrapped up before Election Day. But by allowing an independent third party to go after this whole thing allows him to escape scrutiny and not become another Gerald Ford. It really is a smart decision on his part. That also allows him the opportunity to stay “neutral” during the election process and step back without making a highly politicized and partisan decision that would ruin any chance he has of a positive legacy (didn’t he blow that already?).

This is not in the best interest of Hillary, however. What she needs desperately is to get this big, black cloud to blow away. That’s the second worst thing that could happen to her. Obviously the worst would be that Lynch immediately indicts her. But by having a special prosecutor look into it and decide, regardless of what is decided later on, will actually delay this thing blowing over until closer to the election. Regardless how the Democrats look at it, Independents and Republicans will look at anything less than an indictment as a politicized mess. The stain is already there. America has already heard many lies and obfuscations from this woman on this particular email scandal, and they know that the only way to make it go away is to actually indict her and have found innocent by…and I don’t believe I’m saying this next line…a jury of her peers (gee…can we get the Queens of the world to sit on a jury?).

Hillary is in free fall in her candidacy right now. She’s let Sanders come way too close to her to actually waltz into the nomination. Remember, this was supposed to be “her turn”, and Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was supposed to put the fix in to get her nominated. That hasn’t happened. And Hillary hasn’t reacted very well to all of the imploding either. The only way out of this mess is through a courtroom. And the quicker the better for Hillary!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    • I’m all for going after Abedin AND Cheryl Mills as well! BUT, to go after them and not cut off the head of the snake is a slap on the wrist and should be avoided at all costs! I’d much rather give up Abedin and Mills in order to put Clinton away…but you are right abut Abedin…she is a traitor to this country!

      • My mate says that she has access to Hilary clintons classified emails. A person with 3 family members connected to the Muslim brotherhood with that info should be subject to extreme scrutiny

      • Hey, don’t get me wrong! I’m all for ALL of them ending up in jail!!! And if Abedin is guilty of treason, the penalty for treason in this country is death.

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