Scalia’s Death Put Into Perspective

When Antonin Scalia passed away yesterday at the age of 79, it threw the United States Supreme Court into chaos. Scalia has long been the rib-rocked conservative on the Court, and many times was the reason the Court looked like it was turning right. His passing will be felt for many generations to come.

And with that, today I would profess to put into prospective what it means to have Scalia no longer on the bench. First and foremost, we all felt that the next president would have possibly four Supreme Court appointments to make. While this is an inordinate number for any one man to make, Obama is going to get at least three with this passing. And he’s not afraid to load the court with socialists as his two previous nominees have proven. He has already said that since Scalia died on his watch, he intends to nominate his successor. He certainly has the right to do that. But the US Senate has a right as well, and would be well served to grow a pair and stand up to the president for once.

Mitch McConnell wanted us to believe that taking control of the Senate was going to be a good thing for the Republican Party. So far, he hasn’t shown it. If he really wants to prove his statement true, now is the time to be the statesman he so urgently desires to be. McConnell should boycott any appointment to the Court that is not as rock-ribbed conservative as Scalia was. Obama can certainly appoint someone to the Court, but it takes Senate confirmation to seat them. And if McConnell was wise, he would do everything in his power to make sure to extend that confirmation past January 20, 2017.

That is going to mean doing some dancing, but I believe that should and could be done relatively easy. And unless the person is a conservative, as Scalia was, he or she should be denied. The Republicans have the votes to deny confirmation without any Democrats’ help, and they should use it. Let’s call it the Obamacare payback!

If Obama is allowed to nominate another socialist to the Court, it becomes a 5-4 liberal court (or 6-3 if Roberts continues his waffling). This is not in any way, nor should it be, acceptable to any true conservative. As the Democrats fight to maintain their Roe v. Wade victory, the Republicans need to fight to maintain their control of the Court. Only a conservative will do that. And the GOP can take two months for each name sent up to the Hill for nomination. That means your first nomination hearing is in April. Your second is in June, and your third is in September (August is a recess month). By denying three Supreme Court nominees, you deny Obama anything until after the election, and certainly after the current term Supreme Court term is over at the end of June.

This will also mean something else needs to be done. The Senate needs to stay in session throughout the year to prevent a recess appointment. It has been found by the Court that Obama cannot make such appointments when the Senate opens for business, looks around at an empty chamber and then closes, so that is what they need to do. The only question is can McConnell muster the balls to do it? Only time will tell!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


9 thoughts on “Scalia’s Death Put Into Perspective

  1. You’re exactly right. A McConnell cave will mean the end of the Republican Party. People will be beyond livid and they will pay for it with their jobs. If the R’s do stand strong throughout the year, they may lose a few decisions that are already in the pipeline because a 4-4 tie means a lower court’s ruling would stand, and there are a few cases the lower courts ruled against us that the R’s were hoping the SC would overturn. But I believe those loses this year are worth hoping to preserve the Court for many years to come. We just have to win in November.

    Also, is it rib-rocked or rock-ribbed? You have it both ways above, lol

  2. Well Desert, good things come those who wait. Ding dong the dickhead justice finally croaked and I was fucking ecstatic to wake up Sunday from our fine houseboat in Amsterdam to final out this mackerel snapping Opus Dei Christian Shira imposing piece of shit finally dies. Thank You Jesus!

    If you followed what this clown in a robe has said over the past several years you would think that the Inquisition was making a comeback and Torquemada was waiting in the wings. Examples of his reactionary thinking were that waterboarding was permissible, flogging could be Constitutional and people are heaping praise on this character? They ought to dump his coffin in a lateral sewer line and let float to where ever this shit goes. Obama does not have to nominate anybody, just buy a cardboard cutout of Cardinal Richelieu and prop it up in place on the bench.

    I do want to state to the Father that has popped up here that I grew up a Protestant in a Catholic neighborhood, was beat up as a child because I was not Catholic and the local Catholic church told their parishioners that they should not associate with us as we were going to hell because we were not Catholic. But, for some reason we were right with their god when it came to fund raising and there various hustlers came to our door begging for money for their Cadillac driving priests. So, you can see how I feel that Scalia represented the worse of religion in my childhood.

    Obama has an array of fine nominations but Handjob Mitch McConnell is not going to let anything happen because he actually going to stall because “the next present should make this choice.” Aside from the continual howling by the Republicans about the Constitution, Obama is carrying out his duty as defined by the Constitution by nominating someone to replace him. Of course we have the extremely intelligent Marco “Ricky Ricardo” Rubio saying that no Supreme Court Justice has been confirmed in 80 years during a president’s last term. Maybe this dumb fuck should have asked Handjob Mitch about his vote for Anthony Kennedy in 1988, Alzheimer’s Ronnie last year in office. These are the people we are suppose to entrust our government to? None of their candidates have the intelligence to find the Supreme Court with a map and a flashlight.

    Well, I would like to go on but there is a skunk out on our dock and I have to do something about it.

    Carry on America, American Exceptionalism is utter bullshit.

    • Well Snark, let’s give you four Bobo Noses on this one. Aside from your unrealistic Christianity rant (I’m not a psychiatrist, but can recommend a good one for you to deal with your obvious issues!), let’s explore where you went wrong. First of all, yes, Bobo himself has a Constitutional right to nominate a justice to replace Scalia. That is as far as it goes. He can choose to do it, or choose not to do it. And then the Senate has four options. Send it to committee for hearing before rejecting it; send it to committee who decides not to hear it; the Majority Leader then decides not to bring it to a vote, or he brings it to a vote where it goes down in flames.
      For the record, you need to realize that Reagan nominated Anthony Kennedy in November of 1987, not 1988 as you mistakenly said. It was passed by the Senate in 1988. If you want to jump on the candidates, may I recommend that you at least get your facts straight first?

  3. Desert, I didn’t say that Raygun nominated Kennedy in 1988, I said he was confirmed which is true. Read what I typed or get your eyes checked. As for the current situation, the Rethugs are going to stall on this because they think they can win in November, fat chance with the Bozo bus they have now. Obama has been fucking Mitch The Bitch like a $5 crack whore ever since Mitch said his goal was to make him a one term president. Facts are facts and those are the facts.

    As for my Catholic thing, I doubt you ever experienced what both myself and my family endured by being essentially shunned. It does have an effect on you. I still have no love for the Catholic church as I find it a criminal conspiracy and a fraud wrapped up in all sorts of fancy trappings.

    Scalia repeatedly said that his Catholic faith guides his decisions, in substance. That, my man, goes against the Founding Fathers belief in a secular country. The Right Wing of the Republican Party wants to impose what is basically sharia Christian law on us and they must be stopped. Get over your persecution complex and get with the program.

    The party is almost over and it is time to get back to the most ill informed place on earth.

    • Whew! I think you need to stay overseas for a little while longer. Hillary and Bernie haven’t finished eating each other yet! Bobo is still thinking that Saul Alinsky is alive and well and living in Chicago, and your buddy “Godfatha” Rahm is fighting for his life. Yeah…not a very good time for liberals in this country!

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