Hillary’s “Secret Weapon”?

I get 300-400 emails a day. Oh, it’s not all “blog-related” stuff. But that’s a lot of emails that I sift through. And a lot of people are asking the question about Hillary Clinton getting all of the Super-Delegates that the Democrats offer up come convention time. You know the Super Delegates, right? These are members of congress, elected local and state officials, basically your party hacks, and it’s not just a Democrat thing. The Republicans do it too. Basically it’s a way to make sure that everybody that wants to go to the convention and works hard all year long for their party gets to go. And they get to vote for their nominee as well. There is one big difference.

They aren’t committed to any one candidate. They’re free to do whatever they want, and unlike the delegates that are elected in these primaries and caucuses, Super Delegates are able to change their mind like the blowing breeze. And that is what happened to Hillary in 2008. She’s trying very hard to not let that happen again in 2016.

That has been called her secret weapon. You can look it up. She’s got video online at various places of her talking about the importance of going after and “locking down” Super Delegates. The problem is, she locked them down eight years ago, and it didn’t matter. The minute the tide switched to Obama back then, so did the Super Delegates who don’t want to be seen backing a loser. And the same thing can certainly happen again.

So, in essence what we have is Hillary’s secret weapon, the Super Delegates (and the Dems send a shitload of them!) becoming her biggest bane. Once they choose to go against her, she’s toast. Bernie Sanders can pretty much run the table of the “regular” delegates, but if all of the Supers go for Hillary, it could become a brokered convention! Wouldn’t that be fun to sort out? And the way things are going for the Clinton campaign right now, I wouldn’t begin to predict anything. Hell, she might be in jail by that time! And Bernie may drop over dead of a heart attack (he IS 74 you know!) between now and July.

I wouldn’t think the Super Delegates that Hillary is counting on are a lock right now anyway. She has to prove herself…and while I heard she did the best job in her debate Thursday night (I was too busy to watch…I think I was clipping my toenails), she’s got a lot of problems right now. It’s going to take more than one great debate win to make her problems go away. Even if she IS able to beat all of the problems back, and that’s questionable, and IF Bernie Sanders is still around come July, there is no guarantee that the Super Delegates are going to say she’s more electable, and therefore deserves the nomination. There’s too much at stake in this year’s race to allow someone a nomination from either party just because “it’s their turn”. No coronation this year!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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