Lame Duck Or Dead Duck?

You know, I get it that presidents enjoy a lot of power and a lot of really cool trappings. I get it that for some of them, they can’t wait to leave the cesspool that is Washington, DC. It’s not a real city, it’s totally phony. It’s a place that exists solely because of government. Hell, it was built just to house the federal government, and was a swamp before that! But some presidents enjoy the trappings and perks of being president so much they don’t want to leave. Bill Clinton was like that. So is Barack Obama. I can understand why.

Obama came from a crappy neighborhood in Chicago, where he was a “community organizer”. Read that as someone that coerced you into doing certain things or voting certain ways. An arm twister might be a more apt title. And from there he rocketed to the nicest position in America…filled with power and riches. Good food, terrific transportation, a slew of people to wait on your every wish. He had it all. And he doesn’t want to give it up. That is absolutely evident.

That is one reason why he wants to nominate Antonin Scalia’s successor to the Supreme Court. It’s also why he’s getting more and more involved in the Democrats’ primary to replace him. He wants to make sure his eight years in office actually had some meaning. He knows that if he doesn’t replace Scalia (or the Senate doesn’t let him), and if the Republicans win the White House, because of the way he did things, his term in office is pretty much meaningless. Oh, he passed a law called Obamacare, but they’ll rip that to shreds by next March. So, he’s going to claw and fight and hang on as they drag his ass out of the White House next January. He’ll go kicking and screaming because he doesn’t want it to end.

Past presidents usually go quietly and write books, or go on speaking tours. That’s the normal way, but there’s nothing normal about Bobo Obama. He’s a rebel and a maverick, and not in a good way. He won’t follow the presidential tradition of giving his successor a year before opening his mouth on policy. Hell, you rarely hear from Bobo’s predecessor on anything he’s doing. W. just doesn’t make waves like that. He’s content with what he did, and is happy to live out his life. Not all presidents are like that. Carter had problems dealing with the fact he left office a pariah. Clinton had to make a bunch of money, so he came up with the Clinton Foundation scheme to help him do that. And George HW Bush, was more like his son. It’s not a party thing by the way…it’s a personal thing. Some are driven to achieve after they leave office, others are content with what they accomplished.

So is Obama a lame duck or a dead duck? My thought he is more lame than dead. He is going to push right up until next January to keep as many gains as he thinks he can. And that’s why the congress needs to be vigilant. They can’t let him get away with anything. And they can’t depend on the Supreme Court to slap his wrist anymore. And they certainly can’t let him have a third nomination to the high court. That would just be insane!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Lame Duck Or Dead Duck?

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  2. Six of one; Half dozen of the other. The more BHO opens his mouth, the more hard he does to the DNC; If BHO keeps his mouth shut (no chance, he’s an Ego Manic), the more he turns into a dead duck/”limp willy” president.

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